Pawn Shop Prices For Golf Clubs (Score A Bargain)

Pawn shops and golf clubs are often talked about synonymously throughout golf circles.

Many golfers find great deals on used golf clubs at these shops and sometimes discover mint-condition clubs. 

In this article, we will break down the expectations on what to find and share examples of finding a good or bad deal as well as if it’s worth making a purchase. 

Do pawn shops actually buy golf clubs?

Pawn shops do purchase golf clubs if a person brings in a set and tries to sell them. These shops also buy individual clubs. Depending on the condition, brand, and year, the offer will be high or low.

💡 Golfible Tip: If you are trying to sell new or mint condition clubs it’s a lot wiser to sell them on eBay because you will get closer to fair value rather than being lowballed. 

The following video explains how a pawnshop works.

How Much are golf clubs worth at a pawn shop: Estimates

It really depends on what pawn shop you try and sell or buy clubs at.

If you’re selling a brand new TaylorMade Stealth driver that is valued at about $600 then most pawn shops will offer you around 50-60 percent of what the club is worth.

In this scenario, you’re looking at walking out with around $300 to $350 in your hand. 

If you bring in a club or set that is moderately used you will make closer to around 25-40 percent of what the item was worth.

If someone were to bring in a set of slightly used Callaway 2006 Big Bertha Irons they likely won’t walk out of the pawnshop with more than $50. 

If 2006 McGregor irons were being sold to a pawn shop, the person would receive even less since the brand isn’t as high-end as Callaway, Titleist, Ping, or TaylorMade. 

📋 Keep in mind: The brand and model of the club, its condition, and the location of the pawn shop all factor into how much money you will be offered. 

Buying clubs

When buying clubs at thrift stores, you can find extremely valuable deals. Especially on older individual clubs such as wedges, putters, drivers, hybrids, and woods. 

Many pawn shops have trouble setting prices on older clubs because they aren’t golf market savvy and never knew what they were originally selling for. 

For example, in 2018, I actually found a 60-degree Cleveland 588 RTX chrome wedge in about 7.5/10 condition at a pawn shop in Dallas, Texas for $1.50. 

When initially released on November 15, 2012, they were sold for around $120-$140 each at MSRP. They are currently going for around $20-50 on eBay used, depending on the condition.

Needle in a haystack deals like this aren’t seen often but if you’re into collecting older clubs with good values and performance, then shopping around at different pawnshops can lead you to hidden gems

Tips To Maximize Price When selling golf clubs at a Pawnshop

Here are a few tips to be offered more money for your clubs at a pawnshop:

  • Clean your clubs before you go to wash any dirt or imprints from mats and range balls. 
  • Clear out the inside of the grooves so there isn’t any grass or mud stuck inside.
  • Use soap and water to wash the grips.
  • Apply metal or car polish to make the clubs shine again.
  • Put them in an old golf bag (if you have one) and organize them so they look more presentable.
  • Study up on the facts of the clubs and pricing so you can haggle for more money.

The following video shows a quick way to make your golf clubs shine again. This can be done at home.

Physical pawn shops that buy golf clubs

New York:

NYC: New Liberty Loans Pawn Shop: 

NYC: EZ Pawn Corp: 


Miami: The Pawn Shop Miami: 

Tampa: Premier Pawn Tampa 


Los Angeles: Mr Steve’s Pawn Shop: 

San Francisco: Pacific Loan Company: 

Las Vegas:

Gold and Silver Pawn Shop (As seen on the TV show Pawn Stars): 

Max Pawn: 

Online pawn shops that buy golf clubs

The following list of links consists of pawnshops that buy used golf clubs.

Pawn America: 

2nd Swing: 

Golf Club Brokers: 


Do pawn shops buy golf balls?

Pawnshops do buy golf balls. Depending on the condition and brand you will be offered different ranges of money for them.

Do pawn shops sell golf clubs?

As mentioned earlier in the article pawnshops do sell golf clubs for extremely cheap prices. The location of the pawnshop will determine if there is a good club selection to choose from and how cheap they will sell for.

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