Puring A Golf Shaft: Maximise Your Swing Potential

Puring a golf shaft can make a big difference in many players’ games. If someone sinks a putt on the 18th hole to break 80, the last thing they’d probably think is: “Wow, puring my shaft helped me during this round.”

It’s a term not many amateurs discuss. There is, however, a debate among many technical golf folks about whether or not puring a shaft is worth it. 

In this article, we’ll explain what the puring meaning is, and discuss the pros and cons.

What does it mean to “pure” a shaft?

Puring a golf shaft is when the shaft is stuck into a special machine.

The machine is finding the “principal point of oscillation” which means it is locating the hard and most stable side of the shaft. 

Despite top golf shafts being created with such high detail, they are not 100% perfect in terms of being straight or round.

The machine finds the most stable part of the shaft where it bends while swinging.

These specialized systems and machines are called SST PURE® Shaft Alignment Systems. They can find the point to about 1/1000th of an inch.

📋 Keep in mind: Having an extremely stable shaft leads to better yardage as well as accuracy.

What Is The Spine Of A Golf Shaft?

The spine alignment of a shaft has a slight inconsistency in the design of the shaft. The tiny error can be a shaft not being 100% round or straight.

The shaft might be a little bit too thick in certain areas instead of being completely uniform. If a spine is found, it can be corrected using the SST Pure system.

Driver shaft puring vs Iron shaft puring: Key Differences

Puring a driver shaft will increase the distance and accuracy of the club. Although, the emphasis will be more on distance.

Some users have said they’ve gained 10 yards after having their driver pured. 

Puring an iron will put more of an emphasis on accuracy. You won’t gain as much distance and another difference is the price.

📢 Need To Know: Puring a whole set of irons is much costlier than puring just a driver.

How much does golf shaft puring cost?

Puring golf shafts can be very expensive. One place you can pure them at is Club Champion Fitting.

The company is reputable and has positive feedback from the golf industry.

Puring shafts can range from $35-$40 per club at Club Champion. 

Is Puring a shaft worth it?

It is totally up to the golfer if they think it’s worth paying more money to have their shafts pured.

If they are extremely serious about lowering their scores, can afford it, and will try anything to improve then it is likely worth it.


  • Creates a tighter dispersion on golf shots meaning if you aim at a target with a pured shaft, the results will be more consistent vs. a shaft that isn’t pured.
  • Leads to straighter and more accurate shots as well as increased confidence.
  • Increases distance off the tee and the fairway.


  • The price for puring golf clubs is expensive. It can add up when puring an entire set including a driver, woods, irons, wedges and putter. It’s rare that golfers will pure their putter shafts and evidence shows that it really doesn’t make much of a difference compared to other clubs.
  • High-end shafts from brands such as Fujikura are designed extremely detailed and it might not be worth puring them all when you’ve already spent a lot of money on them.

How does puring a shaft affect performance?

Puring a shaft will affect performance in a positive way. There aren’t many golfers who say it negatively affects them. Many say it helps and some say they didn’t notice much of a difference. 


What is the difference between puring and floing a golf shaft?

The difference between puring and floing a golf shaft is that “flo”ing stands for flat line oscillation. It is when a machine makes a shaft bend at the most stable position when swinging and examines the flo planes. The puring meaning is when a machine finds the most stable part of the shaft (principal point of oscillation).

Do professional golfers pure their shafts?

Yes, many PGA Tour players pure their shafts. Shaft technologies are common among pros unlike amateurs. The SST PURE® Shaft Alignment System has been helping PGA players for over 20 years.

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