Rebellion Golf Review: Is It Worth It?

Monte Scheinblum is a world-renowned golf instructor and long-drive champion.

He’s also super helpful in golf forums offering free advice to golfers’ swing problems.

But how does his Rebellion golf website measure up in terms of quality and value for money?

This Monte Scheinblum Rebellion Golf review will look at his offering of golf instruction, premium videos, and clinics.

First, let’s look at Monte’s process of golf teaching.

Define Your Goal

Monte identifies the area of your swing to fix first. This is done during the first assessment he does of your swing.

Progress With Supervision

You can send Monte a video of your swing at any time for him to assess whether there is improvement and ask relevant questions and whether you are ready to move on to the next lesson.

Complete The Change

You will do another online or in-person lesson once Monte decides you are ready to move on. No need for constant online or in-person lessons.

Monte Scheinblum Coaching Technique: Is It For You?

There are no instructors that will suit every golfer and that is evident when professional golfers often change trainers when they find that they no longer benefit from the trainers’ approach to teaching or golf in general.

Monte Scheinblum has a defined program that offers the majority of golfers an explanation of where they may experience difficulties in their swing sequence and provide information on how he believes you can fix it.

Like all instructors, you will need to give it a try and see if it’s compatible with your personality.

Rebellion Golf Traveling Golf Clinic Review

Monte Scheinblum offers a traveling golf clinic through Rebellion Golf to present in-person instruction to a group of golfers.

During the golf clinic, your swing will be evaluated using technology such as a Flightscope launch monitor showing distances, ball flight, and other data points.

It will also measure your weight shift using a Boditrak Pressure mat and a full video analysis of your swing will be done.

Flightscope Launch Monitor

The Flightscope Launch Monitor provides instant feedback on your swing speed, angle of attack, face, path, and loads more data points.

This will be interpreted by Monte Scheinblum whereafter he will demonstrate what you need to work on to improve your swing.

Boditrak Pressure Mat

Golfers don’t all realize the importance of weight shift during the swing sequence and the impact it has on your ability to make a solid impact.

Using the Boditrak Pressure Mat will highlight where your body pressure is related to the club and ball position.

Many golfers are shocked when they can see the measurements and the impact it has on their swing.

Video Analysis

Video analysis of your swing is provided together with feedback received from Monte throughout the clinic. Furthermore, it will enable you to detect your swing flaws on video thus enabling you to maintain changes after the clinic has ended.

Format of clinic

Day one

The first day of the Clinic is generally held on a Saturday where you will be part of a full swing group where everybody’s faults are used to guide a group discussion about the full swing. Many golf swing cliches and ideas are debunked during this session.

There is also individual attention given to each golfer during the group swing session.

Some golfers are skeptical about the value they will get from the group session, but history has shown this session to be one of the most productive sessions of the clinic.

Day one is concluded with an afternoon session that covers all areas of the short game.

Day Two

The Flightscope and Boditrak sessions discussed above are held and supplemented with individual sessions where participants get individual attention from Monte in a one-on-one session on the practice range

Day Three

The third day is built around playing on the golf course where participants play 18 holes with Monte teaching them course strategy, alignment, various scenarios, and specialty shots.

Rebellion Golf Premium Video Content Review

The Rebellion Golf Premium Video library contains a wide variety of videos covering all aspects of the golf swing.

These videos are organized by chapter for easy reference and can be purchased individually, no subscription is required. You can access videos from multiple devices such as your phone, tablet, or computer.

Furthermore, videos have built-in Chromecast and AirPlay functionality wherever a compatible TV is available.).

📢 Need To Know: Videos are recorded in 4K and mastered to 1080P in extremely high quality for streaming or viewing online.

Rebellion Golf Premium Online Lessons Review

Online Monte Scheinblum lessons are available on Rebellion Golf.

For the best result from online lessons, you have to record your swing using a phone or video camera from a face-on (camera facing you) and down-the-line angle (camera facing the target).

Should you not be able to record both angles, you can submit the one you can record.

After your online lesson, you have one week to ask Monte questions regarding your swing with current turnaround time of 72 hours.

📋 Keep in mind: Online lesson videos require you to subscribe to Vimeo. There is no need for you to create a Vimeo account.

Monte Scheinblum Early Extension Advice: Does It Work?

Monte Scheinblum believes that early extension is not a swing fault but rather a swing solution.

The video instruction identifies the reasons for the early extension and provides solutions on how to rectify it with great results.

What Is Scheinblum’s Most Helpful Video?

The most helpful video in the Rebellion Golf library related to early extension is available on YouTube. In this video, Scheinblum elaborates on what golfers presume to be swing faults but are not actually swing faults.

Is there a Rebellion Golf Discount Code?

There are multiple coupons available from sites like CouponBirds, HotDeals, and USA Coupert that can be exchanged on the Rebellion Golf Order Page.


Is Rebellion Golf Program In-Person Or Online?

Rebellion Golf program provides both in-person as well as online instructions. Students can receive one-on-one lessons, attend clinics, and participate in golf schools in person, while the online program offers video lessons, swing analysis, and personalized coaching.

What Is The Typical Cost For The Rebellion Golf Program?

The cost of the Rebellion Golf Program varies depending on the type of instruction and length of the program. Their in-person lessons start at $175 per hour, while online video lessons start at $125 per hour. They also offer a monthly membership for $74.99 or an annual membership for $749.99.

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