Ryder Cup Prize Money: Who Gets Paid?

In Europe and the United States, there are different opinions on if players get paid during the Ryder Cup.

In this article, we will delve into how prizes at the Ryder Cup work and who receives them. 

Do golfers get paid for playing in the Ryder Cup?

Despite its participants being some of the highest money makers on the PGA Tour and around the world, golfers who participate in the event don’t earn any Ryder Cup earnings for themselves. 

This goes for both Team USA and Team Europe.

Compensation by way of charity money is awarded to each player on the American team. The PGA of America gives each player $200,000 for charity. 

Half of the money goes to the Boys and Girls Club of America, the PGA Junior League, and the Drive, Chip and Putt competition at Augusta National before the Masters.

The other $100,000 can be donated to whichever charities the players choose. 

Team Europe’s players receive a gift from the team captain. This is paid for by a Ryder Cup pool of funds.

Tony Jacklin introduced this tradition when he captained Europe in 1983. This tradition has continued throughout the years.

At the conclusion of the 2018 Ryder Cup, Europe’s victorious team members were gifted a personalized Rolex watch by team captain Thomas Bjorn. 

In 2002, Team Europe’s captain, Sam Torrance, rewarded his team with an oak case fine dining set.

Torrance engraved his captains and players’ names into the cutlery. 

What Has The Ryder Cup Purse Been In The Last Few Tournaments?

Many fans wonder what the Ryder Cup purse breakdown is. 

There is no prize purse for the Ryder Cup as mentioned above. 

Aside from the charity money they were allotted the following: 

With the players not getting paid, they need some sort of compensation to travel. For the U.S. team, the PGA of America funds their hotel and travel costs.

In 2016, the USA players received $7,500 to pay for “out-of-pocket expenses”.

This also covered spouses’ and partners’ clothing and accessories for the team dinner. 

The team members themselves were offered tailored suits and clothing for the opening ceremony and dinner events.

Players also received up to $30,000 in terms of travel expenditures to and from the events. They also were given 20 free weekly tickets to provide for friends and family.

Do Ryder Cup captains and vice-captains get paid?

Ryder Cup captains are not paid before, during, or after the Ryder Cup.

They do receive travel expenses similar to the players for promotional appearances before the tournament and for their work during the tournament and when it is finished to travel home. 

Vice captains also do not receive compensation but are often given gifts by the captains. 

Ryder Cup captains earn fame through media coverage which leads to endorsement and sponsorship deals through television and paid public appearances. 

Some captains have written books that have welcomed their income. 

Do caddies get paid for the Ryder Cup?

Caddies have their efforts appreciated with hotels, meals, and travel all paid for.

They are also given $4,000 to cover various expenses and six tickets to hand out to people who wish to attend the tournament. 

What do you get for winning the Ryder Cup?

Players don’t receive any money for winning the Ryder Cup. The main prize is pride and making your country and continent proud.

Ryder Cup captain gifts are awarded as discussed earlier, but this can be done for both winning or losing teams. 

📢 Need To Know: In 2018, Steve Stricker awarded the United States team a customized decanter with the Ryder Cup logo on it.

Who funds the Ryder Cup?

Sponsors fund the Ryder Cup along with the PGA of America and the PGA in Europe. The PGA of America actually owns the Ryder Cup rights when it is held in the United States. They share the profits in a 5-to-1 ratio with the European Tour.

When the Ryder Cup is held in Europe, the European Tour gains 60 percent of the profit margin. 

Capgemini, an information technology company, announced a partnership with the Ryder Cup in 2021. 

In 2023, at the Ryder Cup in Rome, Capgemini became a Worldwide Partner.

They will also be partners at the 2025 Ryder Cup in Farmingdale, New York, and at the 2027 Ryder Cup in County Limerick, Ireland. 

Capgemini’s goal is to “enhance the Ryder Cup for its fans and organizers.”


Is there prize money in the Ryder Cup?

No, there is no prize money in the Ryder Cup. The tournament is a team-based competition between the United States and Europe, and players compete for national pride and the honor of winning the cup, rather than a monetary reward.

Where does the money from Ryder Cup go?

The money raised from the Ryder Cup is mainly used to cover the costs of hosting the tournament, venue costs, and operational expenses. A portion of the profits are given to charitable organizations.

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