Should Beginners Get Fitted For Golf Clubs?

Should Beginners Get Fitted For Golf Clubs?

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Oftentimes the question is tossed around the golf community: ‘Should beginners get fitted for golf clubs?’

Many people see getting fitted more appropriate for advanced golfers.

There are a number of benefits to getting fitted when just starting to play golf contrary to the popular opinion.

This article will explain the pros and cons of getting fitted as a beginner and explain what club fitting is.

What Is A Golf Club Fitting? 

Golf club fitting is when you go to see a local golf professional or club fitter at a golf store to get clubs customized for your game.

How are golf clubs fitted?

The fitting includes ensuring the length of the clubs is suited to your height as well as the loft, the lie, the shaft, and the grips.

Having these adjustments will allow a golfer to make contact with the ball easier while swinging and have their clubs match their swing style.

Pros and Cons of Getting Fitted As A Golf Beginner


-You’re getting a head start learning the game since you will have the properly customized clubs for your height and swing style.

-Since you’re meeting with a professional it will be easier than just buying a set of clubs off of the rack and they are aware of what golf clubs a beginner should use.

-With the right clubs for you, it is easier to create positive swing habits and consistent swings vs. non-fitted clubs that aren’t right for you.

-You can reshaft your clubs if you need to make them longer since you are advancing in your golf career.


-Getting fitted can be expensive.

-If you started playing golf with large cavity-back irons and game improvement clubs, you will have to buy new clubs if you want to play with forged irons or blades.

How to Get Fitted For Golf Clubs

To get fitted for golf clubs head to your local golf store or golf course and meet with a professional who will help you customize the right clubs for you.

When getting fitted you can get certain clubs fitted or every club in the bag customized.

Driver fitting focuses on the length, loft and shaft flex.

Length helps with consistency, making good contact on the sweet spot and getting a good distance out of the drive.

The loft helps determine what the correct launch angle and spin rate are good for you. It also indicates how high you hit it.

The shaft is based on your swing style and helps with trajectory, feel, and distance.

Iron fitting focuses on forgiveness, feel, and accuracy.

A PGA professional fitter will use an impact board and lie-angle impact tape to figure out the appropriate lie angle that will help you hit the ball straight and have a ball flight you’re comfortable with.

 The better professional fitters can really get into the finer detail and they can show what types of players with different club brands. A breakdown of which golfers use Wilson clubs can really help your club set buying decision.

They can also assess your current golf club set and confirm is it worth it to buy new golf clubs

Wedge fitting will focus on your swing and chipping technique to help figure out what style of wedge is right for you.

The club fitter will help get you the right sole and bounce on your wedges and gap them correctly.

Putters are ultimately chosen by the player and from there the putter will be adjusted for length, lie, and loft.

The proper adjustments and head style will be chosen depending on your stance, line of sight, and stroke.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Golf Clubs Fitted?

Depending on where you go to get your clubs fitted the price range will vary.

If you go to a golf store such as Golf Galaxy, the cost will be about $150 for each club in your bag. 

Other places will charge more depending on the club trying to be fitted.

Some specialized club fitters not at a retail store like Golf Galaxy can charge more for a putter fitting than a driver fitting.

It can be even more pricey at a professional fitter. A normal quality full set of clubs can cost around $2,000, whereas professional high end clubs can cost around $6,000-$7,000.

Are Custom Fit Golf Clubs Worth It For Beginners?

It depends on who you ask but custom fit golf clubs can definitely be worth it for a beginner.

Many people say beginners should start with clubs off the rack or used clubs that are forgiving to at least learn how to hit the ball solidly before purchasing.

How does club fitting help a beginner golfer?

Getting fitted as a beginner can help build positive swing habits on the golf course.

Having the correctly customized clubs can prevent problems like hooking the ball, slicing the ball, or hitting it thin or fat.

Custom-fit golf clubs vs. standard golf clubs is a topic that is always up for debate.

Resizing golf clubs is a good idea after you get better and better with your original fitted clubs.

It might cost money but it definitely will be more beneficial than hitting countless balls on the range or going to lessons trying to improve but having trouble with the wrong set of clubs.

Many people ask ‘should beginner golfers care about club fitting?’

If you don’t want to have your entire bag fitted at least get your putter and driver fitted.

You can make adjustments with fitted clubs and learn new skills and techniques faster.

Having a well-rounded, consistent swing is more important than having a swing where you’re trying to compensate for the wrong length or wrong shaft.

For example, using a bag of 1980s blades probably isn’t the best idea when trying to learn how to play golf.

Using a custom set as a beginner and practicing the correct techniques can help you improve your game over the years.

Should Beginners Get Fitted For Golf Clubs: Final Verdict

Getting basic club fitting for beginner golfers can definitely help improve their game.

At the end of the day it is up to the golfer whether or not they want to get fitted. If they want to save money and learn with stock beginner clubs, they can do that, but there are risks involved such as developing bad habits.

Be sure to mention in the comments your experiences with club fitting.

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