Tiger’s US Masters Scorecard

Another Masters tournament nears and with it comes the inevitable buzz of a Tiger Woods major comeback: How good is Tiger at Augusta?

Specifically, we wanted to measure how Tiger has performed at each hole over the years? Where are his weaknesses and strengths? How many golfers have won the Masters at Tiger’s age or older?

With some deep analysis, we have answered these questions in our Tiger graphic below and some of the scoring is eye-opening.

Seeing Tiger shoot an aggregate score of -50 on Amen Corner hole 13, for example, was an eyebrow raiser for us! He is also putting for birdies every 4.4 holes on average. Which stat stands out for you?

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📋 Keep in mind: This graphic is now out of date as it was written just before Tiger’s 2019 Augusta win!

scorecard of tiger wood's US masters with a green background.

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Alec Rose

Alec likes to write about golf from a graphical perspective. With a data modelling background, he enjoys converting raw golf information into engaging user-friendly visual charts. Interests include statistics, Tiger Woods, and the history of Golf’s 4 Majors. 

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