Topgolf Games and Strategies On How To Play

Topgolf makes competing against your friends very versatile compared to being at a golf range or course with its technology and immersive layout.

There are many different types of games available to play at Topgolf that are meant for beginners to advanced golfers. It’s important to understand the rules of each one.

In this article, we will explain how the different games work and strategies on how to finish atop the leaderboard.

Topgolf Games Overview

Please note Topgolf hourly rates are the same for all games below.

Topgolf features games such as Topgolf, Top Break, Top Pressure, Top Shot, and Top Chip.


Players score points in Topgolf’s flagship game by hitting balls into any target on the range. You can collect more points if you make it into the longer distance nets and closer to the pin.

This mode can be played by all skill levels of golfers.

Top Break

Top Break is based on the game of billiards. In this variation of TopGolf, you must first sink a ball into the red target before moving on to a different color. 

The game forces you to make shots in order from closest to farthest. The furthest target you reach, the more points you’ll earn.

It is great for average-skilled golfers.

Top Pressure

Pressure is a key part of golf. It’s fun to pretend you’re Tiger Woods at the Masters or when you must make a certain score to beat a competitor.

Top Pressure allows players to hit nine different areas of the yellow target. 

Points multiply by two and three times after you make a shot, but if you repeatedly hit the same target, you’ll end up losing points. 

This mode is intended for medium-handicapped players.

Top Shot

In Top Shot, players attempt to strike various targets during multiple rounds. For example, you might hit five shots toward the red target and then five more at the other colors. 

In this game mode, you’ll need to be accurate. It’s hard to win when the target is often missed.

Top Shot is recommended for advanced players who can consistently hit the ball straight.

📋 Keep in mind: If the ball goes into the net of the wrong pin, you’ll be deducted points.

Top Chip

This mode is designed to challenge your short-game skills and is great for players wanting to use their wedges and short irons. 

Players are supposed to hit five shots at the red target, then five more at the yellow, followed by ten at the green one.

Topgolf beginners and intermediate golfers will enjoy this game mode.

📋 Keep in mind: Hitting the ball in a net earns you points while missing the target will cost you them. 

Top Drive

For those who like to “hit bombs,” as golf legend Phil Mickelson likes to say, Top Drive will likely be the first game they play when they arrive at Topgolf.

Players are instructed to hit the ball in towards the far white targets in the back of the range and at the trench. Aiming at these is the only way to score points. 

This game is recommended for advanced players who can hit their clubs on the sweet spot.

Best games to play at Topgolf as a total beginner

Some Topgolf game modes are much harder than others.

For newbies who don’t really know how to swing a club or play much, they should try easier games such as Topgolf and Top Chip.

For a complete list of Topgolf’s games, visit their website and select the location you wish to play at. 

Strategies To How To Play Topgolf

There are different Topgolf rules and strategies on how to defeat your opponents and score points. The following sections will provide tips for each type of game.

Standard Golf Tips For All Topgolf Games

Try these tips to have a good time when playing any game mode:

  • When gripping the club, make sure it’s a firm grip but don’t do it overly tight or too loose. This way, you feel comfortable.
  • Use standard stances for each club the same way you’d do on the course or at the range. 
  • Don’t try and swing too hard. This will lead to mishits and poor contact. Studies have shown around 95 percent of amateur golfers swing too hard. 
  • Before you start a game, warm up with different types of shots such as chips, short iron swings as well as medium and long. Hit each club a few times.
  • Make sure to take a practice swing or two before hitting the shot that counts.

Tips To Win Topgolf

When playing the basic TopGolf game, aim for the middle of the green and try to find a comfortable landing zone. 

Putting the ball in any target that is yellow or green will be really beneficial. 

💡 Golfible Tip: If you’re nervous or want to hit more consistently, then just use a seven iron and control the distance on it. Teeing up shots can also help get the ball airborne.

Tips To Win Top Break

When playing a game mode such as Top Break, don’t always pull a driver or wood and aim for where the farthest targets offer the most points.

Making them is much more challenging. 

Although there is a tremendous potential for reward, the risk is higher, and it is much easier to miss distant targets. 

Aim for the more accessible shorter and medium-sized targets. The closer to or inside the bullseye you land, the more points you’ll attain. 

If your competitors are making it in the short targets, and you’re just going for glory but missing, you’ll definitely fall short of your winning expectations.

Tips To Win Top Pressure

When playing Top Pressure, make sure to aim just short of the landing area or near the front.

If your shot sails over, you won’t earn any points. Although, if it trickles into a net, you will.

Take a deep breath and don’t swing too steep. Although “pressure” is in the name, it’s just another Topgolf game mode.

Tips To Win Top Shot

In this mode, it’s important to hit one target after another. Make sure to hit an iron you’re comfortable with so you make good contact. 

If you’re a little short with a 5-iron but strike it well, it’s probably a better selection than that 4-iron you hook often or like to hit thin.

Tips To Win Top Chip

When playing Top Chip, don’t try and get too fancy. Flopping the ball off the mat can be difficult. Hit standard chip shots to make sure you have the right distance and aim.

Since the targets are shorter in this mode, if you’re wanting to be aggressive, this is the time to do it. Aim for the center of the pin or one net just before it to maximize your point total.

Tips To Win Top Drive

To win Top Drive, it’s essential to hit the driver consistently and hit the center of the face. Many people will swing out of their shoes, but this will lead to hooks and slices.

Make sure to swing naturally at a normal speed. If you don’t think you can hit the targets on the side, then aim in the middle of the trench to increase your chances of earning points.

📋 Keep in mind: Top Drive can be challenging, so if you’re new to the game of golf, don’t be embarrassed if you struggle or lose.

Tips On TopGolf Etiquette

  • Make sure only one player is hitting and standing on the mat.
  • Stay behind the “do not cross” line while someone is hitting.
  • Don’t throw clubs onto the range.
  • When a player is swinging, don’t impede it. 
  • When using Topgolf clubs, use them one at a time and put them back into their storage.
  • Keep drinks and food on the table so it doesn’t spill. 

How long do Topgolf games last?

Topgolf games last the length of time a bay is rented. Players can rent a bay for as little as 30 minutes or for an entire day. 

Bays can be booked up to seven days in advance. A one-time $5 membership is required to rent a bay and play.


What’s a good TopGolf score?

A good Topgolf score is anything significantly over 100 points for most medium-skilled players. The average score for Topgolf is 100, and the highest possible number that can be reached is 400.

What’s the best club for Topgolf?

The best club for Topgolf is the 7-iron. It is easy to control and hit straighter than most clubs. Since it’s a middle iron, it can be used to hit longer or shorter shots into most targets on the range.

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