How Much Is Topgolf? Everything You Need To Know

“How much is Topgolf? This will depend on where you are playing as each venue has different prices and you also need to be aware of membership fees.

The pricing can definitely become confusing.

In this article, we’ll go in-depth on how exactly Topgolf pricing works so you don’t overpay during the session.

Topgolf Prices Breakdown

Breakdown of the pricing structure for Topgolf

Is Topgolf expensive?

Prices for Topgolf vary on the location, depending on the day of the week, the hour of the day, and other factors.

The chart below from the Las Vegas Topgolf illustrates the price ranges per hour per bay. Up to six people can play in a bay but only one person at a time can hit.

These rates do not include taxes.

FloorDay of the week9 am to Noon12pm to 5pm5pm to Closing (1am)
1st and 2nd FloorMonday thru Thursday$42$57$72
1st and 2nd FloorFriday and Saturday$57$72$87
1st and 2nd FloorSunday$57$72$72
3rd-4th FloorsMonday thru Thursday$52$67$82
3rd-4th FloorsFriday and Saturday$67$82$97
3rd-4th FloorsSunday$67$82$82

Other Topgolf locations can charge as low as $15 per hour on weekdays.

Since Topgolf’s inception, a basic membership has been required for new players and it currently costs $5. This is a one-time fee.

Other memberships are offered at various levels and have different price points. They range from platinum club to platinum elite.

These can include limitless gameplay for hours, discounts on food and beverages, retail discounts, and more.

📢 Need To Know: Every player must pay a $5 basic membership fee to play. Topgolf will then provide a membership card. They cannot play without it and it’s a one-time charge.

Factors Impacting Topgolf Fees

Different cities will charge various rates for Topgolf.

The cost of living per city or town is one. For example, Topgolf in San Antonio will be cheaper than in Las Vegas.

The time of day and day of the week also play a role. In the mornings, the demand is lower, and there are fewer customers so it will be cheaper to play.

In the evenings, when people get off work or go out for the night, the prices will increase since there will be a higher demand.

Monday through Friday adults will have work and children will have school so the prices will be lower compared to a weekend.

Comparison of prices for different types of Topgolf games

How much does Topgolf cost?

The prices for a bay rental are hourly and you can play many unique games. One game won’t cost more than another since you are paying for the hourly price of the bay.

The company provides players with many games to choose from.

Some of the more popular games at Topgolf include TopScore, TopShot, Closest to the Hole, Angry Birds, Quick 9, Topgolf, and TopDrive.

📢 Need To Know: Topgolf is the company’s hallmark game. Players receive points by hitting balls into any target on the range. You can gain more points if your shot is closer to the center pin and longer in length.

Other Topgolf Charges and Rates

Food and drink prices also vary.

The All-American burger is $12.50 in San Antonio and $15 on the Las Vegas menu.

A beer will also cost $2-$3 dollars more and around $9 in Las Vegas.

Do you pay for rental clubs at Topgolf?

All clubs are free to use when visiting any location. Topgolf has clubs for men, women, left-handed and right-handed players, children, and toddlers.

Men’s and women’s clubs are in each bay as soon as you arrive.

Topgolf rules allow you to bring your own clubs for free if you prefer to play with them.

Tips to Save Money at Topgolf

Topgolf Discounts and promotions available

Varying venues offer promotions such as half-price Tuesdays. You can play at any time of the day and rent a bay for 50% off of the standard hourly rate. 

This offer is not available at the following locations or areas of the venue: Las Vegas, Ontario, Renton, El Segundo, Lounge, Swing Suite, and Toptracer Range locations. 

You also can’t apply the discount for arcade games.

Local residents (for example, Las Vegas) can get up to 25% off when they show State identification.

In the U.K., students are offered a promotion on Mondays where they can play a game of Topgolf, and enjoy a meal and drink for £13.

Topgolf also offers military discounts for active duty members and veterans. Police, fire, EMS employees, healthcare workers, and teachers receive 10% off Topgolf gameplay,

Platinum subscription members can also enjoy 20% off.

Membership benefits and pricing

Platinum memberships are different depending on the location. In San Antonio, a basic platinum membership is $100 a month, $420 for the 6-month prepay option, and $720 for annual prepay.

There are more expensive memberships such as the Platinum Elite which offers specials such as priority bay access, 20% off private events, a $1,000 hole-in-one prize, and upgraded clubs.

Pretty sweet right?

📢 Need To Know: A platinum card includes 20% off food and non-alcoholic drinks as well as 20% off retail.

How to get free games at Topgolf

You cannot play at Topgolf for free, but one deal you can use to almost play free is by taking advantage of the organization’s $15 unlimited play.

On Monday through Friday from open to noon anyone can save money by paying $15 per person rather than paying the hourly rate for a bay. 

They can use this deal to hit unlimited balls for a few hours. If any player hasn’t paid the basic $5 membership fee they will be required to do so.

Advice to maximize value at Topgolf

If you want to maximize the value at Topgolf you can do a few things such as share a bay, bring your own clubs, or purchase a platinum membership.

Sharing a bay brings down the hourly price.

If you can gather a group of friends the bay price can be divided five or six ways. This will dramatically decrease the price.

Going alone on a weekend at night will not be cheap. 

If you’re wanting to treat your session similar to real practice, then bring your own clubs rather than using the ones provided.

💡 Golfible Tip: If you plan to go to Topgolf often, it might be worth buying a platinum membership so you can save money on the bay as well as on food and drinks.

Topgolf gift cards: What you need to know

Topgolf gift cards can be purchased at any location or online at their website.

They can be used on Topgolf game play, food and drinks, memberships, lessons, and apparel.

There is no tax added on when purchasing a gift card. Gift cards can also be sent via email to recipients.

Topgolf vs. Traditional Golf Pricing Comparison

Traditional rounds at golf courses will usually be more expensive than going to Topgolf.

For range balls, Topgolf market competitors can charge $15-$20 for a large bucket of 60-80 balls.

Pros of traditional golf pricing

  • You’ll have access to real grass in most cases as well as a short game area to practice putting and chipping.
  • Many ranges have a full course or small par 3 available to play if you decide to.
  • You won’t be paying an hourly rate for a bay that can be costly at peak times.

Cons of Traditional golf pricing

  • Most courses don’t have lights so you can’t play at night.
  • There won’t be a huge food or drink menu with a server at most ranges.
  • If you purchase a bucket and hit the balls very quickly you might’ve received a better deal paying for an hourly bay during a promotion.

Pros of Topgolf

  • You won’t have to be quiet at Topgolf like at a traditional course or range, and there will be music playing.
  • Electronic games with scoring are offered unlike at ranges or courses.
  • You can see how far you hit the ball since Topgolf has advanced Toptracer technology.

Cons of Topgolf

  • There won’t be a “nature” aspect with birds chirping, ponds, or natural grass.
  • If you go on a weekend you’ll likely pay more than a traditional golf course or range.
  • There are nets that collect the ball at the back so you won’t see the true rollout of your shots.


Can you play Topgolf without a membership?

No, you cannot play Topgolf without a membership. Everyone is required to purchase at least the basic $5 membership to play. It is a one-time fee.

What day is half off at Topgolf?

Tuesdays are half off at Topgolf. You can save money by doing this and play for a longer duration for cheaper compared to other days of the week. Not all locations offer half-off Tuesdays.

Do you get unlimited balls at Topgolf?

Yes, you do get to hit unlimited balls at Topgolf until your bay time runs out. The standard price is an hourly bay fee. So you can hit as many balls as you’d like in the number of hours you’ve paid for.

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