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Using the right golf shoe can make it a wonderful experience. However, wearing an uncomfortable golf shoe can affect everything from your swing, walking between holes, and even standing over a short putt.

As with many golf equipment that originates from design companies based in the USA, the end product may not be manufactured within America due to a multitude of reasons.

In this piece, we will look at whether there are any golf shoes made in America, as well as some of the extremely popular brands that have outsourced the manufacturing offshore

What Golf Shoes Are Made In The USA?

You might wonder, are any golf shoes made in the USA?

There is only one brand of golf shoe manufacturers that stays true to the American heritage and design as well as manufacturing their shoes in the USA, which is the Allen Edmonds brand of golf shoes.

📢 Need To Know: The company was founded in 1922 by Elbert W. Allen launched his shoe company in the village of Belgium, Wisconsin, and currently operates from Port Washington, Wisconsin.

An interesting feature is that Allen Edmonds golf shoes use advanced manufacturing that uses no nails and are, what they call, shankless (no uncomfortable metal bar under the instep).

From its inception, Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation became renowned for handcrafted premium men’s footwear and accessories using only premium leathers and a 212-step process.

Although Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation entered the golf shoe market only in 2011 it remains the only true American shoe company to manufacture golf shoes in America.

Allen Edmonds golf shoes found the balance between form and function. Their shoes are well-constructed and solid while offering almost no strain on your feet as a result of their lightweight construction.

Some of the highlights in the Allen Edmonds range include


The Redan golf shoes are named after the original Redan hole which is the par-three 15th at the West Links in Scotland.

In a similar fashion to the golf hole, Redan shoes are classic saddle-style golf shoes. It features full leather lining, five eyelet saddle with a Butyl water-resistant leather sole that can accommodate 11 Champ helix plastic spikes

The 360-degree Goodyear lathered construction is available in 4 colors combinations ranging from white grain with green, black, or blue plus black grain and brown.

Desert Mountain

The Allen Edmonds Desert Mountain shoe  is made from 100% leather and has a rubber sole measuring 1-inch in height ready to accommodate any links.

It’s available in Olive, White Grain, and Black.

Other noteworthy shoes available from Allen Edmonds golf shoes include:

  • UP Models inspired by Byron Nelson
  • DOUBLE EAGLE inspired by Gene Sarazen
  • LEGEND MODEL inspired by Bobby Jones and Sam Snead.
  • MULLEN from the Allen Edmonds Honors collection was named in honor of a golf course designed by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw.
  • HASKELL named after Coburn Haskell who as a prominent Cleveland businessman and sportsman became acknowledged as the inventor of the modern golf ball.

Why Are There So Few Golf Shoes Manufactured In America?

There are several reasons for this – cost is the main one.

The quality of goods made in Asian markets, Mexico, and Canada has improved in recent years.

Labor is plentiful and costs are generally low. This means that it makes sense for many companies to outsource the manufacturing to these markets while keeping design, quality control, and distribution in the U.S.

📢 Need To Know: A vast amount of money is spent on research and development as well as marketing and customer support. Provided the quality is good, many companies will choose to have their products made outside of America to reduce costs.

Let’s look at some leading brands and where they are made.

Golf Shoes Not Made In China

Although China remains the country that produces the most golf shoes, several brands have relocated their manufacturing facilities to other Asian countries.

Nike Golf Shoes

Nike has a history of initially manufacturing its shoes in America and then moving it to China. Currently, most of Nike’s shoes are produces in Vietnam although they still have a manufacturing facility in China.

The aim is to move most of the manufacturing out of China into other Asian countries due to continuous rising costs within China.

Adidas Golf Shoes

Adidas AG branded as adidas since 1949, is a German multinational corporation with its headquarters in Germany.

📢 Need To Know: The company is the second-largest sportswear manufacturer after Nike and the largest in Europe.

It is renowned for its designs and manufacture of shoes, clothing, and accessories.

With more than 1100 manufacturing facilities in 65 countries, Adidas products are a truly international brand. Most of these facilities are located in Asian countries such as Indonesia, China, India, Thailand, and Taiwan.

China has the largest representation with 337 factories while India comes in second with 99 factories.

Lambda Golf Shoes (European Golf Shoes)

For those in the United States interested in European craftsmanship, Lambda golf shoes USA offerings provide a range of handcrafted shoes that reflect the company’s passion for golf.

Its innovative patented designs and technologies resulted in the creation of a Premium Classic Golf shoe category.

📋 Keep in mind: Only prime softened European leather is used in the manufacturing process allowing for the shoes to breathe and keep your feet fresh.

In addition to the leather outer layer, LAMBDA golf shoes added a waterproof membrane that adds to the breathability between the outer leather and the inner leather lining.

Keeping with its use of natural, biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable materials, Lambda offers a Premium Cork Footbed that is manufactured from the cork oak tree which is harvested in Portugal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Skechers Made In The USA?

Skechers is a popular shoe brand with an American background that produces a wide range of golf shoes.

The manufacturing of Skechers golf shoes is outsourced to manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam by independent contractors.

Are Footjoy Shoes Made In China?

Where are Footjoy golf shoes made? They originate from an American company that was founded in 1857 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts

Initially, Footjoy golf shoes were manufactured in England, but rising costs necessitated a move to Asian countries and recently to Mexico.

Although their shoes are still manufactured globally, Mexico has become the most popular manufacturing center.

Footjoy golf shoes are made from a wide range of materials, such as leather and synthetic material.

Where Are Sqairz Golf Shoes Made?

Sqairz is a Canadian-based golf shoe company that followed the international trend to move manufacturing to China.

The high-tech shoe design is aimed at keeping your feet fresh and comfortable.

Are Ecco Shoes Made In China?

Where are Ecco golf shoes made? Ecco is a brand from Denmark that has been producing golf shoes since 1963.

There are 6 locations globally spanning from tanneries in the Netherlands, Thailand, Indonesia, and China.

Surprisingly, China is not the biggest contributor to the Ecco range of shoes.

Around 98% of ECCO’s shoes are produced in its facilities in Portugal, Slovakia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China.

Where Are Puma Golf Shoes Manufactured?

The majority (approximately 50%) of Puma golf shoes are manufactured in China and Vietnam which produce approximately 25% each.

Conclusion On American-Made Golf Shoes

America remains one of the largest golf markets with around 26 million golfers.

To remain competitive many brands have moved their manufacturing facilities offshore mainly to Asian countries and specifically China.

Allen Edmonds shoe Corporation remains the only true American brand manufacturing their shoes in the USA.

Have you experienced Allen Edmonds’s quality golf shoes yet? Should more brands manufacture their shoes in America?

Your thoughts and feedback will be highly appreciated in the comments section below.

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