Western Golf Carts: Everything You Need To Know

Today we want to share some insights about one of the revolutionaries in the industry, Western Golf Carts have been at the forefront of golf cart technology for a long time.

Learn about its history, the different models available, and how to find Western golf cart serial numbers below.

Who Makes Western Golf Carts?

Western Golf Carts are popular for their exclusive custom design work, which sets them apart. The company was founded in 1981 by Western Golf Car Manufacturing, Inc, in Desert Hot Springs California.

Having realized the gap in the market for designing more efficient golf carts that tailor to the needs of consumers was the birthing point of the company.

Western Golf Cart’s innovation has set the tone for producing extraordinary carts using the E-Z-GO chassis as a base.

Due to the need for customization, they became so sought after, producing an impressive estimate of 2000 custom carts a year.

Some of which ranged upward from $5000.

Some carts featured high-end sound systems and sometimes over-the-top customizations along with ultra-subtle, yet functional additions.

During the earlier years, the company was also shrouded with A-list clientele, which bears witness to their solid reputation despite undergoing some structural and partnership changes through the years.

Today, golf cart dealers like JR Thomas in California still sell Western golf carts.

Where Can I Get Western Golf Cart Parts and Accessories?

You can find Western Golf Cart parts and accessories from suppliers or buy them used from private sellers. Suppliers include brick-and-mortar outlets as well as online stores.

Custom shops are also reputable for producing these sought-after golf carts. You could purchase them as refurbished units or rebuilt versions of the original.

They also do custom designs specifically made for the Western Golf Cart.

How Do I Find Out What Year My Western Golf Cart Is?

Each golf cart is made unique and stamped with its own identity or serial number. It’s not unusual that owners tend to play the seek game when it comes to their Western Golf Cart serial number and this is due to the “hidden” locations.

To read the year, check the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). The serial number is usually allocated by the VIN number, a large label or two which also contains compliance details as well as the month and year of production.

While not always hidden in plain sight, it is valuable information, especially when you need to repair or resell the cart. The following are some common places to find the serial number:

  • You may find the serial number under the front hood of the Western Golf Cart
  • Sometimes it is located in the glove box of the golf cart cart
  • You could also see it overhead above the driver’s seat.
  • It could also be located underneath the golf cart or on one of the side door panels
  • It is also sometimes on the chassis bars somewhere or in the “trunk” storage
  • Another place is the steering wheel column

Types Of Western Golf Carts

Here are some of the models available to you by the golf cart innovator:

The Western Elegante LX

The Elegante LX features a high-performance A/C drive, luxury throughout, a built-in ice chest and an adjustable driver’s seat to name a few.

The Elegante LX is also a certified neighborhood electric vehicle meaning you can use it on and off the course.

Western Model 404-4 GT

Like its successor, the 404-4GT also showcases a comfortable ride with a powerful drive system which comes in handy when navigating uneven terrain on the golf course.

With extra storage and holders, it makes life on the course simpler.

Western Model 400 GT 2 Passenger

The 400 GT 2 passenger is powered by a 48-volt power system with 90 amp hour Samsung SDI lithium batteries. It also has a lockable glove box ice chest, and the comfortable upholstered seats are elegantly diamond stitched. The 400 GT 2 passenger retails from about $17000.

With all the above-mentioned models, you can still add extra touches and your finished design as you see fit.

What Should You Consider When Buying A Western Golf Cart?

There are always some factors to bear in mind when purchasing anything, including a golf cart. Since it will be a long-term investment and you may need access to service parts and maintenance, there are some things to think about before purchasing your golf cart.

How old is the golf cart?

If the golf cart has several years on its clock, then it might just be on its very last legs. Still, some places also fix chassis where possible.

If the chassis cannot be fixed, you may need to purchase a new cart rather than try to mend the old one with the risk of breaking.

Cart condition – is it good or bad?

The overall condition of the golf cart is essential. For example, are the tires still good? How about the upholstery?

What will the maintenance costs be?

In the long term, how much will you need to pay to maintain the golf cart and will this match your budget?

Do you need gas or battery power?

What is your preference in regards to using a gas or battery-powered golf cart? Again, they may differ in cost to maintain them over the long term.

What features does it have that you might need?

Sometimes buying a used golf cart may already have the perks you need without adding additional customizations.

In essence, you’ll save some money when you buy it and all your boxes are checked.

For example, does it have extra storage that will help keep everything in place and neat and tidy?

Additional power may be beneficial for folks looking to go off the course and around their neighborhood.

Also, having UV and rain protection as you navigate the golf course is another must-have for many.


How do I find out what year my Western golf cart is?

To determine the year of your Western golf cart, look for the serial number or VIN on the frame or the metal plate under the passenger-side glove compartment. The first two digits of the serial number indicate the year of manufacture; for example, “76” indicates that it was manufactured in 1976. To confirm the year of your golf cart, contact the manufacturer with the serial number.

Are The Ignition Keys Universal For All Western Carts?

No, ignition keys for Western carts are not universal. They only work on carts manufactured by that specific company. So if you have a key for an E-Z-Go TXT Elite, it won’t work on a Club Car cart. Golf cart keys are generally universal within the same manufacturer, but not across different companies.

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