What Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA?

The globalization of the world economy and access to increased markets have forced many industries to look at lower input costs to keep their products price competitive.

The golf industry has not been able to escape this reality and more equipment is produced in countries where mass production can keep the costs down.

Many may wonder, what golf clubs are made in the USA?

America is rated in the top 5 golfing countries in the world with 24.3 million active golfers and 268+ Major Champions wins.

However, it is surprising that only a few golfers realize which golf clubs are made in the USA.

As with many industries that outsource their manufacturing to countries where labor is cheaper and mass manufacturing is trending, golf followed suit.

Many premium branded golf clubs, including those who makes Cleveland golf clubs, with rich American history have outsourced the manufacturing of components to Asian countries in an attempt to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

Let’s take a look at where the big brands are manufactured. 

What Golf Clubs Are Made In The United States?

Although many premium brands are American in heart and soul and still headquartered in the USA, the manufacturing of components, and in some cases the whole club, is done in China.

The question remains whether clubs manufactured abroad and assembled in the USA can still be considered US-made golf clubs?

Assembly and final quality control are often done at the assembly facilities in the USA to keep the dream alive that it is a product of the USA.

Lately, the assembly of clubs has started to be outsourced to countries that can mass-produce clubs quickly and efficiently at a lower cost.

Let’s look at the premium brands and their philosophy on where they manufacture their golf clubs.

Where Are Golf Clubs Manufactured?

To provide more details we will look at a list of golf club manufacturers that produce some of or all their components in the USA.

Some of the best-known brands that sell made-in-USA golf clubs are discussed below.


Cleveland is renowned for its quality golf clubs, especially for its range of CBX and RTX wedges.

As a specialized club maker, they often price their clubs higher in the market than competitors. This has never been a problem as they ranked 3rd in US market share by 2014 with 18% of the retail value.

Continuous pioneering design and materials have enabled Cleveland to offer golfers the best equipment for improving their golf game, no matter the level you play at.

To remain competitive in the golf club industry, Cleveland outsources the manufacturing of components to specifically the Asian market whereafter the components are delivered to the Cleveland Golf Headquarters in Huntington Beach, California. This is where it is assembled, and quality checked before being released to the market.

📢 Need To Know: Some golfers may be concerned that the quality of the Asian-produced products is inferior, but Cleveland continuously monitors the quality and final checks are done in Huntington Beach before Cleveland puts their stamp of approval on it.


Ping has a long and storied past since it was founded by Karsten Solheim from his garage in Redwood City making putters of which the Ping Anser is the best known.

The family is still represented in the business keeping Karsten’s legacy alive and Ping true to its founding.

The company is one of the last premium brands that retains some of its manufacturing facilities in Phoenix, Arizona.

Furthermore, they have plants in Japan and Vietnam which are run by their international subsidiary. American citizens that have previously worked in the Phoenix plant are often employed by the subsidiary to retain the American feel to the brand.

This has built a reputation for Ping’s loyalty to employees who are in turn extremely loyal to the company.

📢 Need To Know: To remain competitive Ping outsources some of the component manufacturing to China where manufacturing and labor cost are lower.

A reduction in marketing spend helps the company to keep prices as low as possible.

In an attempt to keep control of the costs, the life cycle of a Ping club is longer than its competitors and they do not release an updated version every year.

That keeps the tooling costs down but sometimes the company loses out to competitors releasing new technology earlier. The annual change in technology is so small that you won’t fall far behind using Ping.

To retain some American authenticity, Ping Anser, Nome, and Sydney putters are still manufactured in full at the Phoenix plant, as are all-steel shafts and golf grips.

All replacement iron heads, Groove for Gorge wedges are manufactured in Phoenix.

The bestselling Ping golf clubs, G10, G15, G20, G25, and the latest P53 are completely manufactured USA.

A major obstacle in the production of golf clubs is finding chrome plating services in the country.

This is a result of US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations making the sourcing of carcinogens and other chemicals increasingly problematic.

This could easily become such a major stumbling block that Ping may move all their manufacturing to Asia in the future.


PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) was founded by Bob Parsons in January 2015 after he had enormous success in building and selling a software developing company and one of the biggest domain registration companies, Godday.com.

Parson’s major driving force in setting up PXG was to produce the best golf clubs available. Making money is still not the driving factor although the company is not lacking income and profits.

📢 Need To Know: Unlike most of the premium brands, PXG is not located in California but headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The price required to put a set of PXG golf clubs has made many a golfer wondering whether the clubs are manufactured in the USA.

Well, the answer is, YES, they are manufactured in the USA under the supervision of the founder that ensures that it meets his goals of premium quality at all costs.

The success of PXG is built on its unwavering founding principles of

  • All clubs must meet or exceed PXG’s high standard in rigid tolerances and performance
  • Continuously striving to provide patented and innovative high-performance technologies
  • Build clubs using only supreme materials
  • A unique PXG manufacturing process
  • Painstaking workmanship
  • Soft feel and forgiveness without sacrificing performance


Titleist golf clubs are played by some of the best golfers on the professional circuit. They are not ideally suited to high handicap golfers although the brand is trying to be more inclusive.

This is another premium brand that operates from its office in Carlsbad, California, and its headquarters in Fairhaven, Massachusetts

As one of the largest global golfing brands, Titleist lays a lot of emphasis on the quality of their golf clubs. They cannot afford to slip on quality as this could harm the company financially. On the other hand, the company has to be conscious of costs to stay in business.

Is Titleist made in China?

Stringent regulations set by the EPA continue to make it difficult for companies to produce affordable clubs in the USA.

This combined with Titleist’s aim to achieve a balance between high quality and affordability means they outsourced the manufacturing of components to China and Japan.

📢 Need To Know: Titleist Irons are forged in Japan, finished in China, and then assembled in the facility at Carlsbad.

Top Flite

Top Flite is a golf club manufacturer that may be remembered more for its contribution to the golf ball than clubs.

Although they may have lost some of the qualities they possessed in their illustrious past, they still produce affordable golf clubs that provide an entry point for golfers starting out.

The storied past of Top Flite took them along a path that saw Callaway owning the company and it found stability under its current owner, Dick’s Sporting Goods.

As one of the smaller brands that do not produce the volumes of clubs that premium brands do, it may be easier for Top Flite to continue the manufacturing of their clubs in America.

Lower volumes mean that they may not get the discounted manufacturing that is available to their competitors.

📢 Need To Know: Top flite clubs, unlike golf clubs made in China, have been manufactured in the USA since 1976 and the company still produces clubs from their headquarters in Costa Mesa, California. This state-of-the-art facility combines quality manufacturing while abiding by the regulations set out by the EPA.

Tour Edge

Tour Edge manufactures golf clubs for beginners, mid-handicap, and professional golfers with each target market having a different brand.

Bazooka, the most representative of the brand, is targeted at beginners and high-handicap golfers that require more assistance from game improvement clubs.

Hot Launch clubs are game-improvement clubs when you have mastered the basics of the golf swing and want to lower your handicap and scores.

Exotics are the flagship of Tour Edge’s ranges aimed at golfers on professional tours. There are some players on the PGA Tour that plays Tour Edge Exotics.

📢 Need To Know: Exotics and Hot Launch ranges are handcrafted in the USA at the Tour Edge plant in Batavia, Illinois while the best-selling club in their range, the Bazooka, is outsourced to Asian countries.


Wilson Staff, the golf products division of Wilson Sporting Goods, is a major player in the sports equipment market has been around for nearly a century.

They still rank highly in the golf world with many professionals and amateurs playing Wilson clubs.

Designed, prototyped, and customized at their Rosemont location, Wilson golf clubs are mass-produced in Tullahoma, Tennessee once approved.

It is almost certain that some of the components are manufactured abroad, but there are no clear guidelines from the company.

The pressure of containing costs has seen Wilson talking to a Chinese-owned sporting goods company in 2019 but no announcement of the sale was made. Whether it is to manufacture their clubs, or a take-over of Wilson will only become clear in the future.

Whether ANTA sportswear will retain ownership may just determine where Wilson clubs will be manufactured in the future.

Smaller, Local Brands

Some smaller brands keep by producing their clubs in America. Every year there are more brands releasing clubs into a hot equipment market of which some keep the American legacy alive manufacturing within the USA.

Below is a list of golf club manufacturers that still operates mostly from the USA.

Sassy Malassy

Sassy Malassy Golf Clubs is an American company that uses steel from Nucor Steel Company and titanium from Carpenter Technology Corporation to produce their clubs at their facility in Philadelphia.

The founder of Sassy Malassy is still actively involved in the hand manufacturing and assembly of all their golf clubs. Quality remains a key feature of Sassy Malassy golf clubs.

The company also produces putters for under $200 that comes standard with a “Made in the USA” headcover highlighting the pride of the company in manufacturing their clubs in America.

Club Champion

Club Champion is a club fitting company that creates customized golf clubs made in USA.

With the backing of Chicago-based venture capital firm, KB Partners, the head office was established in Prairie Golf Mills, Omaha, Nebraska, home of investment guru Warren Buffet.

The company has expanded to more than 30 locations in the USA.

Although they are still a small brand, there is a big future predicted for their quality golf clubs.

Dandy Putters

Dandy Putters are renowned for their American made golf clubs which include the True Temper American Shaft together with the iconic “American grip”.

What Golf Club Brands Are Made In China?

To keep costs low and ensure that they do not run foul of the EPA, many companies have decided to outsource some, if not all, of the component manufacturing to companies in Asia, mostly to China.

Labor costs are lower in Asia and some facilities can produce bulk orders rapidly to ensure that the major brands can satisfy the demand for their excellent golf clubs.

📢 Need To Know: China produces vast amounts of the basic materials used in golf equipment such as aluminum, steel, graphite, and tungsten.

In the early 2000s, the California-based Coastcast Corporation produced in excess of a million titanium clubheads per annum for the premium brands, now they are not producing any.

In 2002 the vice president of sales and business development for Coastcast, Bryan Rolfe, predicted that Arizona-based titanium casting company Sturm, Ruger & Co. would not be their biggest competitor for much longer.

He predicted that China would become the biggest player in the titanium market. On cue, Coastcast was delisted by the New York Stock Exchange and was out of business by 2004.

Although there are few Chinese golf club manufacturers known in the Western world, many of the world’s best golf clubs are manufactured in China.

Below is a list of golf club manufacturers that invested heavily in moving their manufacturing offshore.


TaylorMade is an innovative golf manufacturing brand used by professionals and amateur golfers alike.

The brand includes several smaller companies in its group such as Adams Golf from where they collected intellectual property to build better hybrids.

Its headquarters is based in Carlsbad, California where some of its major competitors are also based.

You can expect TaylorMade to release an updated version of their products annually aimed at getting you to play better golf using the latest technology.

Components of the clubs are manufactured in Asian countries and shipped to Carlsbad where they are assembled and distributed to TaylorMade customers in America.

Although they produce quality clubs, their pricing is at the upper end of the price spectrum. TaylorMade competes, quite successfully, on quality and innovation rather than price.


Cobra Golf, previously owned by Titleist’s parent company Acushnet, was purchased by the German sports equipment maker, Puma SE, and is now part of the larger Cobra Puma Golf Company.

The company has built a reputation for providing excellent golf clubs at a lower price than its competitors.

Their hybrids and drivers are often thought to be the best and longest adding value to golfers that want that extra few yards.

Other innovations from Cobra that are generally used today are the graphite shaft and oversized clubheads, both of which were introduced in 1995.

The introduction of oversized heads made golf a lot easier for golfers that struggled with blades and small clubheads. This offered playable golf clubs with a generous amount of forgiveness and feel.

As with many other premium brands, Cobra is headquartered in Carlsbad, California. This is where all research and development are done before finalizing the specifications of every club to be produced.

Manufacturing of components is outsourced to various countries in Asia and sent to Carlsbad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Cobra Golf Clubs Made

Cobra Golf clubs are designed in Carlsbad, California whereafter the manufacturing is done in Asia, but final assembly and quality control are done in Carlsbad, California.

Where Are Wilson Golf Clubs Made

Wilson Golf Clubs are designed, prototyped, and customized in Rosemont, mass-produced in Tullahoma, Tennessee. It is uncertain whether some of the components are manufactured abroad.

Where Are Ping Golf Clubs Made

Where are Ping irons made? Ping Golf Clubs are manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona, Japan, and Vietnam.

All steel shafts, golf grips, Groove for Gorge wedges, and putters such as Ping Anser, Nome, and Sydney are manufactured in full at the Phoenix plant.

Ping G10, G15, G20, G25, and P53 are completely manufactured in the USA.

Where Are TaylorMade Golf Clubs Made

TaylorMade components are produced in a variety of Asian countries but clubs aimed at the North American market are assembled in Carlsbad, California.

Where Are Cleveland Clubs Made

Components are manufactured in Asia and assembled in Cleveland Golf Headquarters in Huntington Beach, California.

Where Are Callaway Golf Clubs Made

Manufacturing of components is done outside the USA and then assembled and distributed from the Carlsbad, California facility.

Are Titleist Golf Clubs Made In The USA?

Irons are forged in Japan, finished in China, and then assembled in the facility at Carlsbad.

Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Made In The USA?

Tour Edges Exotics and Hot Launch ranges are handcrafted in Batavia, Illinois while the Bazooka range is outsourced to Asian countries.

Is Callaway An American Company?

Callaway is recognized as an American company with most of the management team and artisans being American citizens.


Manufacturing of golf clubs has moved from the American labor market to Asian countries where it is easier to do business, labor is cheaper, materials are readily available from China, and large manufacturing facilities are geared to mass produce for any brand to satisfy the demand.

If you have dealt with any of the smaller brands that have not been mentioned in this article, please add their details and your experience in the comment section below.

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