What Happened To Adams Golf

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What Happened To Adams Golf

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Many people wonder what in the world happened to Adams Golf. The company used to pump out golf clubs every year and its clubs were used by the likes of PGA professionals and LPGA pros such as Bernhard Langer, Tom Watson, Chad Campbell, Yani Tseng and Brittany Lincicome.

This article will update you on the company and why it hasn’t been mentioned much by the media in recent years.

Is Adams Golf Still In Business?

Since the company has been quiet and there were rumors about TaylorMade taking it over, many people ask, “Does TaylorMade own Adams Golf?”

The answer is yes, the company does.

In 2012, TaylorMade bought all the outstanding shares of the brand for about $70 million which came out to $10.80 per share. Back then, TaylorMade’s parent company was Adidas, and the CEO of Adidas Group, Herbert Hainer played a large role in buying Adams Golf.

Technically Adams Golf isn’t in business as their own entity but they still operate with TaylorMade.

The company was quiet for five years from 2015-2020 but last year their social media team tweeted from their main accounting hinting that a comeback might be in the works.

Before their comeback, the last clubs that were released to the public were in April 2015 when their Red line of clubs and Blue line came out. They were designed more so for beginner golfers though.

Who makes Adams Golf clubs?

Now, TaylorMade, but before that, the company was founded by Barney Adams in 1991. Adams was helped by legendary teacher Dave Pelz. The company’s headquarters was located in Plano, Texas for many years.

Are Adams Golf Clubs Still Being Made?

Adams Golf Clubs are still being made to this day. Specifically, the Adams Tight Lies Fairway woods.

The woods are available as 3-woods and 5-woods.

The loft on the 3-wood is 16 degrees and for the 5-wood 19 degrees.

The newer Tight Lies have larger faces. This helps add forgiveness to the club and allows golfers to make solid contact more often. Mishits will be better compared to other clubs when hitting closer to the toe or heel.

Adams Golf added Extended Face Technology that widened the face vertically so good shots can be produced when hit on the lower or higher part.

A cambered Tri-Sole design by Adams helps golfers hit the ball from tough, deep lies in the rough to tight or normal grass on the fairway.

The trajectory and ball flight should be high and consistent on most swings thanks to the Velocity Slot created by the designers. The slot was placed right behind the face on the sole of the club.

Since the slot is open it helps increase ball speed and also makes the club more forgiving to strike.

Tight Lies woods have a lower center of gravity than most woods and a large clubhead that helps make you confident when stepping over the ball.

Are Adams Golf Clubs Any Good?

From the Adams Idea Pro, to the Adams Idea A7, the most famous aspect of the brand is the hybrid club. The hybrids made by Adams have a cult-like following.

Adams clubs have earned numerous awards throughout the list including being listed to the Golf Digest Hot List. There have been many gold and silver awards from the hot list given to Adams Golf products.


Adams Golf was extremely popular in the early 2000s and despite dying out on and off for years after being purchased by TaylorMade, the company has made a small comeback.

Avid fans may not be able to purchase newly released drivers, hybrids or irons from the entity since those clubs aren’t in production, but at least they can still buy 3- and 5-woods. Be sure to comment your experiences with Adams Golf in the comments section.

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