What Is A Heavenwood?

When you are at the golf course or hanging out with your golf buddies you may hear them talk about a Heavenwood.

This 7-wood, the Heavenwood, was born out of Callaway Golf’s innovation in 2004, thus stamping its identity as the Heavenwood Callaway.

This article will explain the Callaway Heavenwood specs and why it became so popular among the golf community.

What Is A HeavenWood In Golf?

The Callaway Golf Heavenwood, created in 2004, is a golf hybrid designed to play like a fairway wood but with a feel similar to an iron.

Many amateurs and even some low-handicappers have trouble hitting the lesser numbered and lower lofted irons. It is easy to hook, pull, slice, and not make solid contact.

The heavenwood was designed to be a more forgiving club that helps golfers lift the ball into the air.

📋 Keep in mind: These clubs are meant to give you straight shots, solid distance and the control you’d have in a long iron but instead with a hybrid.

Are Heavenwood Golf Clubs Still Being Made?

Callaway 7-heavenwoods are still being made but aren’t the original clubs released by Callaway in 2004.

The brand continues to use the name “heavenwood” for multiple recent club releases. The initial heavenwoods were hybrids but Callaway is also using them for fairway woods in recent years.

One example is the Callaway Great Big Bertha Heavenwood. It is a fairway wood that contains a clubhead that fits a 7-wood but actually has a shaft comparable to a 4-wood.

Where Can You Buy Callaway Heavenwood Clubs?

The original heavenwoods (click to see on eBay) can be difficult to find in golf stores since production was halted. Good sites to use for used cheaper ones are eBay. Check out the link below for examples. More recent models are easier to find.

For players living in the UK, Golfbidder also offers heavenwoods for sale.

What Kind Of Player Is A Heavenwood Suited To?

A heavenwood can be suited to any skill level of golfer. Even some of the greatest players in the world use 7-woods such as 24-time PGA Tour winner Dustin Johnson.

Although, a heavenwood might be better suited for high to mid-handicappers since it can replace a long iron that many of them have difficulty hitting.

A low-handicap golfer who can make excellent contact with their long irons probably doesn’t need to use or purchase a heavenwood. It is fun to have one in the bag though.

What Is The Degree Of Loft For A Callaway Heavenwood?

Heavenwoods have different lofts for the different hybrid numbers.

The 1-hybrid is 14 degrees, the 2-hybrid is 17 degrees, the 3-hybrid is 20 degrees, the 4-hybrid is 23 degrees and the 5-hybrid is 26 degrees.

These lofts coincide with lofts for 1-irons to 5-irons. It depends on the player which ones they hit best for which to choose to throw in their bags.

The Big Bertha Heavenwood War Bird design has a longer heel-to-toe look in the clubhead that increases the moment of inertia making mishits better and adds forgiveness when struck.

The stock shaft on the heavenwood is a graphite RCH 75w shaft. For a steel flex, the company utilizes a Big Bertha Uniflex.

📢 Need To Know: The heavenwoods have a head that has a low center of gravity to help the trajectory and allow the ball to rise up.

What Is The Difference Between A 7-Wood and A Heavenwood?

Many people around the golf community ask: is a heavenwood a 7-wood?

The difference is a 7-wood shaft made by most manufacturers is a normal length. The shaft on a heavenwood is a 4-wood shaft so golfers will hit the ball longer using a heavenwood.

Is A Heavenwood Easy To Hit?

When it comes to how to hit a Heavenwood, it’s generally easier compared to long irons and lower lofted fairway woods due to its unique design. The loft makes it easy to scoop it up off the ground and have a desirable shot into the fairway or green.

Heavenwoods can be used in a plethora of ways.

You can use them off the tee box to reach the fairway, on a long par 3, out of the light rough, to hit over a tree, to clear a water hazard, and even on the edge of the green in order to bump it through the fringe and control the aim.

What Hybrid Replaces A Heavenwood?

There is a difference between heavenwoods vs. hybrids since a heavenwood with a 4-wood shaft will be hit longer.

A 4-hybrid with a 22-degree loft and a 40-inch shaft is the ideal club to replace a heavenwood. A 3-hybrid is also a good option. It depends on the golfer and how forgiving and long they want to go when selecting between the 3- and 4-hybrid.

What Is The Difference Between A 5 Wood and A Heavenwood?

When comparing Heavenwood vs 5 wood, it’s important to note that the Heavenwood, with its unique design, provides benefits such as easier loft and increased forgiveness.

Final Thoughts On The Callaway Heavenwood

Although the initial heavenwoods have older technology, these hybrids still perform at a high level and many golfers can attest to that.

Numerous Heavenwood reviews and positive experiences regarding this hybrid club can be found all over the internet.

If you want to see what the hype is all about, it is worth purchasing a second-hand one and taking it to the range.

Be sure to mention your thoughts regarding the heavenwood in the comments section.


What is a heavenwood used for?

A heavenwood is used to replace a long iron (usually difficult to hit) in the golf bag. Heavenwood is just another name for a hybrid. Hybrids provide more forgiveness than long irons.

What is a heavenwood equivalent to?

A heavenwood is equivalent to a hybrid. It is “heavenly” to hit since it is so much more forgiving than a long iron. Many beginners enjoy heavenwoods because they have trouble consistently hitting long irons straight.

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  1. I have one of the original 7 Heavenwoods, bought it in Korea years ago. When I slow down my take away and turn properly, because of its 4 wood shaft length, this club is a beauty. I have been debating with myself about replacing it with a 3 hybrid, only to avail myself of newer technology, but if and when I do start shopping around, whatever might replace this will have to be a true hearted golf club mistress. I have bought a Stealth 5 hybrid and I love it, but I need a reliable club for 190-200 yds. So far, its my Heavenwood. Great article! Thanks


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