What Is The Closed Coil Golf Swing For Seniors?

Young players are usually able to put a whip on the golf ball when hitting and are more flexible than senior golfers.

The closed coil golf swing is a technique that can be used by older players to prevent soreness and aches as well as increase distance on their shots.

This article is a closed coil swing review and will explain how it can make seniors better players.

What Is The Closed Coil Technique Golf Swing?

The closed coil technique golf swing focuses on coiling your body as you perform the swing.

Many people ask what does coil mean in golf?

Coiling means rotating your body at the start of your swing through impact.

Employing a coil helps increase power and swing speed leading to higher ball speeds and longer results from the tee box, fairways and rough.

Your chest and shoulders coil while your lower body is resisting and this helps create a “pop” and fast downswing.

📋 Keep in mind: It is not the same as turning your shoulders. Turning your shoulders will not add power. It actually creates the wrong posture and bad habits that will lead to a slower swing speed.

Having the correct setup is imperative to successfully doing the closed coil golf swing. After correcting the setup and practicing the coil, more speed, distance and power will come to your swing.

Open vs Closed Stance vs Square Stance

It is important to know what different stances are because the closed coil golf swing is better using a closed stance and can also be used with a square stance. Below is an explanation of different stances.

Open Stance

To have an open stance, a golfer’s left foot will be slightly further back from parallel unlike in the square position.

Doing this allows your body to rotate in the same line as to where the ball is going to fly.

An open stance changes the angle in regards to ball position causing golfers to shift over to the right in order for them to have the ball in the middle between their feet. This lessens the rotation of the backswing but allows a stronger and more powerful follow-through.

📢 Need To Know: Many golfers like doing this to try and get more power but if you’re trying to use the closed coil swing this is the wrong choice of stance.

Closed Stance

The closed stance is the opposite of the open stance in terms of your right foot vs. your left foot. Your right foot will be further back from the ball than the other foot. It turns your right shoulder a bit away from the ball.

The closed stance lessens the follow-through rotation but allows for more rotation on the backswing. This is what a golfer wants when they’re trying to perform the closed coil golf swing successfully.

Should senior golfers use a closed stance? It is entirely up to them but highly recommended.

Square Stance

A square stance is what many amateur golfers use. It is where the ball is in the middle between your feet. Usually, your feet are a little more than shoulder-width apart in a square stance.

Your feet are straightforward and parallel. They will be 90 degrees from where the ball is. This neutral stance allows golfers to have a balanced backswing when they take the club back and the same follow-through throughout and after impact.

Closed Coil Golf Swing Technique: Visualization and Steps

  • The first step is to check your setup.

Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. You can have a closed or square stance. Your knees should be bent a little as well.

📋 Keep in mind: You shouldn’t be standing too straight up or have your knees bent too much.

  • Next, make sure your toes are lined up parallel to where you are aiming. You can turn your left foot a little with your foot perpendicular to it.

Put equal weight on both feet so you are balanced and in doing so it stops you from overturning your hips while you take the club back.

Your hips should face the ball while the club is positioned towards the back of your shoulders. In your backswing, your shoulders should be turned more so than the hips.

📋 Keep in mind: While doing these steps, the flex of your knees should stay the same during the backswing.

  • After that, shift your body weight to the inside of your right foot while turning the club.
  • Keep turning your shoulders until the less dominant one goes beneath your chin.

If you lessen your hip turn through the backswing it lets you coil nicely so you can properly do the swing. You should feel a flex in your abs and at your core as you perform the coil.

How Do You Coil A Golf Swing?

Below is a video from golf coach Eric Cogorno showing how to perform coil in the golf swing.

The video emphasizes making it easier to increase distance for seniors.

What Are The Benefits Of The Closed Coil Golf Swing Particularly For Seniors?

The swing takes away hooks and slices from a player’s repertoire that often occurs because of negative swing habits.

The swing promotes a small draw that allows for more distance on tee shots.

It promotes confidence when stepping up on the tee box and knowing you have a good chance of hitting onto the fairway.

📋 Keep in mind: There is less pressure on the shoulders so if you have an injury it won’t cause pain. It also lets you play longer and be less sore.

Is The Closed Coil Swing Only For Seniors?

The closed coil swing can be used by any level or age of golfer. It is especially useful if a younger golfer has a shoulder, arm, back injury or just wants to be more accurate on the course.


The closed coil golf swing is a fantastic swing for seniors looking to increase distance off the tee and be pain-free throughout their round if they have suffered a previous injury. It allows the round to be more fun while also helping them lower their scores and hit straighter shots.

Be sure to comment if you’ve used the closed coil golf swing and your thoughts on it.


Can you play golf with a closed clubface?

Yes, you can play with a closed clubface. Doing this can increase the lag and help get the face of the club square at impact. When you do this, you strike down on the ball instead of getting too far underneath it. Right-handed golfers can find a closed clubface beneficial on dog leg left holes.

Why am I swaying in my golf swing?

You might be swaying because you’re assuming your swing is parallel to your target. If you’re swinging back and forth to try and get your ball to be straight down the target line it’s easy to accidentally sway your body.

Do any pros play with a closed stance?

Yes, pros have played with closed stances. The prime example is seven-time major winner Arnold Palmer. On the contrary, Jack Nicklaus played with an open stance as well as Ben Hogan.

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