What Is The Weight Of A Golf Cart? Protect Your Investment

If you are in the market for a new golf cart or purchasing your first, there are a few specs that you need to keep in mind before you purchase.

One of those is the weight of the golf cart and how that weight can impact your decision.

What is the weight of a Golf Cart? (2 Weights To Remember)

Depending on the brand and model of a golf cart, the weight can vary between 500 pounds to 1100 pounds.

There are a lot of factors that go into play when it comes to the overall weight of your golf cart, but you can plan for the maximum weight to be just over a half-ton.

There are two weights associated with each golf cart, so it is important that you know the difference

  • The dry weight refers to the weight of just the frame and no accessories, batteries, or anything else added to the cart.
  • Once you add all the different components and accessories to the golf cart, however, you develop a curb weight and that weight is important information when you are ready to work on or transport the golf cart.

What Can Affect The Weight of a Golf Cart?

Battery Weight

One of the biggest factors contributing to the overall weight of your golf cart is the batteries that are required in electric-powered options.

Many of these golf carts need up to six batteries, with some smaller carts needing only four.

Those golf carts that are advertising the most power will need more batteries, thus increasing the weight of the golf cart.

There are a few golf cart models out there that can take up to eight batteries, but those are not as common.

Motor and Gas Tank Weight

If you have a gas golf cart, then your weight is more with the engine installed and the weight from the gas.

Whether you are weighing your golf cart before you fill up can be the difference by several pounds.

If you want to get the most accurate weight on your gas-powered golf cart, you want to make sure you weigh it when the tank is full so that you know the maximum curb weight of your golf cart at all times.

If you are planning to haul it on a trailer, chances are you will already have the tank full or plan to fill it while it is loaded.

Seats on Your Golf Cart

Since there are several seat options you can choose from below for a golf cart, that is another factor that can also impact the overall weight of your golf cart.

  • Two-seat golf cart
  • Four-seat golf cart
  • Six-seat golf cart

The more seats that you have on your golf cart, the more that it is going to weigh. Whether it is a straight single seat that goes all across or bucket seats found on newer, luxury golf cart models, there is a substantial weight that is added to the cart.

Brand and Materials

Each golf cart brand has preferred materials and designs for its golf cart models. They are all made with different specs, so it is common for their weight to vary between these brands.

The more heavy-duty metals that are used to build the golf carts, the heavier the cart will weigh at both dry and curb weight.

📋 Keep in mind: If there are lighter materials such as fiberglass or PVC used to reduce the amount of metal, then the weight of the golf cart will decrease.

Adding Custom Accessories

If you decide you want to customize your golf cart with different accessories, then you can expect that to add to the weight. Upgrading your stock tires to aftermarket tires usually mean they are larger and require larger rims.

The rims that you choose can add a hefty amount of weight if they are metal and not plastic. Also, brush guards, roof racks, and other supporting accessories around the golf cart keep that number rising.

💡 Golfible Tip: It’s also a good idea to know what your golf cart can carry. Whether it is you hauling a golf cart or a golf cart hauling you, there are limitations on a golf cart.

Golf Cart Weight Examples

The Yamaha 2-passenger golf cart weighs approximately 670 pounds while the 4-passenger weighs between 775 and 800 lbs, depending on the package. These are lighter than the other brands.

If you have an EZGO, then your golf cart will be a bit heavier. The 2-passenger weighs approximately 1200 pounds while the 4-passenger around 1400 lbs.

Another brand favorite is Club Car which also offers 2 and 4-passenger carts. The 2-passenger averages a weight of 950 to 975 pounds, while the 4-passenger averages around 1100 lbs.

How Much Weight Should I Plan For When Towing?

If you want to use your vehicle to tow your golf cart, it is best practice to go with a weight on the higher end of the spectrum, between 1100 and 1200 pounds.

This gives you room for any additional changes you have made to your golf cart.

How Much Weight Can My Golf Cart Carry?

Now that you know how much weight to expect from your golf cart, you may be wondering how much weight can the golf cart carry or tow on its own.

On average, you do not want to exceed the passenger weight of 800 pounds on your golf cart.

Too much weight will wear down the battery or strain the engine. This means that you also should not weigh the golf cart down with equipment on top of passenger weight.

Golf carts that have cargo rears are designed to carry a bit more weight.

As long as the weight is properly dispersed in the loading areas, you may be able to tow up to 1000 pounds in your golf cart at once. You probably do not need a passenger in each seat, however.


How much do electric golf carts weigh?

Electric golf carts usually weigh 500-1100 pounds, depending on make and model, accessories, battery size, and the number of seats. They are lighter than their gas-powered counterparts, but when considering the number and weight of batteries, the weight difference can vary significantly.

How much does an EZGO golf cart weigh?

EZGO golf cart weight can vary depending on the model and configuration. On average, they typically weigh between 500 to 800 pounds. However, some models can weigh as little as 400 pounds, while others can exceed 1,000 pounds, depending on the features and accessories added to the cart. The weight of the batteries also significantly adds to the cart’s overall weight.

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