What Is Wedge Flex?

There are many different types of flexes for club shafts in the golf industry. One of the most commonly used phrases but rather unknown to a large majority of less experienced golfers is the term “wedge flex”.

When we say ‘wedge flex’, we’re talking about the type of shaft on the wedge that is generally heavier and slightly stiffer than a regular flex club like an iron – this includes the true temper wedge flex.

So, it’s referred to as a “wedge flex shaft.

Does Wedge Flex Matter?

Wedge flex does matter. It is important to have a shaft that you are comfortable playing with on your club.

Wedge Flex Vs Stiff Flex

Wedge flex is actually the same as stiff flex. Wedge flexes are stiff. Some wedges come in lighter with less stiff flexes and some come in heavier.

Usually, the range between stiffness levels is about 5 grams in weight per shaft.

💡 Golfible Tip: It is recommended to keep your wedge shafts the same or heavier than your irons.

What Is The Difference Between Regular Flex And Senior Flex?

Regular flex shafts are meant for the average golfer who has swing speeds around 90-100 mph. These flexes bend but are stiffer than senior flex golf clubs.

Senior flex clubs are meant for older golfers who have a driver swing speed around 70-85 mph.

💡 Golfible Tip: When purchasing clubs and you see lite flex vs. senior flex, don’t be confused. The meanings are the same and this also includes “A” flex.

What Is X100 Flex?

True Temper makes the X100 Dynamic Gold Steel shafts. They are considered an extra stiff flex. They are known to give golfers a lower ball flight yet higher accuracy than standard wedge flexes.

What Is Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex?

Dynamic Gold is a type of shaft made by the golf brand True Temper. Their portfolio of stiff shaft wedges includes favorites like the R300, S200, S300, S400, and X100. These vary in weight and in stiffness. Depending on a golfer’s preference, they may choose a heavier and stiffer X100 or a lighter and more flexible R300.

What Is The Difference Between R300 And S300?

The R300 is considered a regular flex wedge shaft, but it actually weighs the same at 127 grams as the S200 wedge shaft, which is considered stiff. The S300 weighs three grams more at 130 grams than the R300.

What Is Ping’s Wedge Flex?

Ping’s wedges, the 3.0 Glides are equipped with Ping Z-Z115 wedge shafts that are made by Nippon. They were created with a lower balance point near the tip enabling a lower ball flight with better control and great feel.


Whether you want a shaft to match your irons or be slightly heavier for your wedges, now you know the differences between wedge flexes.

Discovering the best shaft for wedges boils down to personal preference so our strong recommendation is to try different shafts before making a purchase.

Be sure to share your experiences with different wedge shafts in the comments.


What is wedge flex comparable to?

Wedge flex is actually the same as stiff flex. Depending on the shaft maker, some will be lighter or heavier than others. You’ll rarely see a massive difference in the weights though, many are within five grams of each other.

what is dynamic gold wedge flex?

Dynamic Gold wedge flex is just another name for the company’s flexes designed specifically for its wedges. Some famous wedges they use contain shafts such as the S200, S300, S400, R300 and X100.

Should wedge shafts be heavier than irons?

Yes, wedge shafts are traditionally slightly heavier than iron shafts. This helps at impact launch the ball into the air and provide more spin. Wedges are used for approach shots, chipping and scoring so high spin is needed.

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