What Putter Does Justin Thomas Use?

Many golfers enjoy using the same equipment as the pros. Whether it be due to wanting to feel like them, or desiring to use the same equipment as them.

Justin Thomas is a young superstar on the PGA Tour and can be electric with the flat stick. It is no surprise people want to emulate him by employing the same putter as him.

What Kind Of Putter Does Justin Thomas Use?

If you’re asking yourself what brand of putter does Justin Thomas use, it is a Titleist. Renowned club maker Scotty Cameron makes putters for Titleist.

The 2021 Players Champion is currently using a Scotty Cameron X 5.5 Tour Prototype.

He has also used the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 in the past.

Scotty Cameron’s X 5.5 Tour putter is a limited release model with only 2,020 made. The club was created to fit Thomas’ game. He has used it in 13 of his 14 PGA Tour wins.

The club was designed for the 2017 PGA Tour player of the year in the summer of 2016.

The putter has a welded slanted neck which helps promote an arc style stroke that is usually found in blade putters.

The Scotty Cameron features a high moment of inertia wingback style.

The face and body are milled with 303 stainless steel. There is an integrated aluminum plate and sole weights that are customizable.

The club is silver and black in color and has a black milled sight line on the top as an alignment aid.

There is also the signature three red dots behind the face as seen on many Scotty Cameron Putters. Between the two “fangs” of the putter is a flat black area that can be used to scoop up the ball off the green.

📢 Need To Know: Justin Thomas’ putter specs include a 3.5 degree loft, a 70-degree lie, the offset is full shaft, the weight is a 2 x 10 heel-to-toe weight and the neck features a welded small slant. The sole plate is made from 6061 aluminum.

How Does Justin Thomas Grip The Putter?

Justin grips the putter with a neutral hand position.

It enables him to get a better feel and aim putts in the direction he wants. It is considered the reverse overlap grip that helps use both hands to maintain a square stroke when the ball is struck.

The actual grip on the club he uses is the Cement Gray Pistolero Plus. It is a standard-sized pistol grip.

The video below shows Scotty Cameron explaining why he chose to create the grip and what he likes about it.

Thomas has also been seen with the Traxion Pistol GT Tourputter grip. It is a fat grip and was used by him during his 2021 Players Championship victory.

What Length Putter Does Justin Thomas Use?

The Louisville, Kentucky native uses a 34.5-inch putter. In 2015 Thomas used a 34-inch Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Timeless GSS. The loft was 3.5 degrees and the lie was 70 degrees. The grip he had on that Scotty Cameron was a Black Cord with three wraps.

How Much Does Justin Thomas’ Putter Cost?

The Scotty Cameron X 5.5 Tour putter can be found on Titleist’s website for $850. This model is specifically Justin Thomas-inspired and has his signature carved on the bottom of the club, along with his JT logo on the putter face.

The standard Scotty Cameron X 5.5 Tour putter can be found for $450 on GlobalGolf.com.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putters can be purchased for around $425 brand new.

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Winning the 2017 PGA Championship along with a Players Championship title and 12 other Tour wins certainly qualifies you to be one of the best golfers and putters in the world.

Scotty Cameron’s are certainly pricier than most putters but if you want to emulate Thomas and own a high-quality putter, then it might be time to purchase one.

Be sure to share your thoughts on Thomas or his putter in the comments section.


What putter grip does Justin Thomas have on his putter?

Justin Thomas uses SuperStroke’s Pistol GT Tour putter grip on his typical gamer putter measuring 34.5 inches.SuperStroke’s Pistol GT Tour putter grip combines a classic pistol-style grip with SuperStroke’s Spyne technology to improve alignment.

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