What Putter Does Phil Mickelson Use?

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What Putter Does Phil Mickelson Use?​

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When you win 44 PGA Tour events, including five majors, people are going to be obsessed with what putter and clubs you use.

Phil Mickelson’s Odyssey putters can actually be found pretty easily and be purchased for a few hundred dollars.

Countless crucial putts have been made by Mickelson, so why not try and replicate the PGA Tour legend by owning the same model of putter. In this article, we’ll explain Mickelson’s putter types.

What Kind of Putter Does Phil Mickelson Use?

Mickelson had been using the Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Ten putter and also the Odyssey Versa #9 for the last few years. Recently, he’s been putting with an Odyssey White Hot XG Blade PM.

Like many pros, Mickelson swaps putters often. In the link below is the Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Ten putter. The Stroke Lab Ten is a large forgiving mallet that comes in all black with a large line going through the center as an alignment aid.

The Versa #9 is a smaller mallet putter that looks like a hybrid between a mallet and a blade putter. Here is a link to the putter.

The Odyssey White Hot XG Blade PM is a blade prototype model that Mickelson has been throwing in and out of the bag for years.

It has a White Hot XG insert and comes in all silver with surprisingly no alignment aid. The putter head is extremely thin.

Here is a link to view it.

What Putter Grip Does Phil Mickelson Use?

Mickelson uses a X Traxion Claw grip made by SuperStroke that has a polyurethane outer layer. 

The grip itself is a large oversized rectangular “fat” grip that helps golfers who like to use the claw style putting grip with their hands and fingers when they putt.

The grip is pistol-style and has three sides that are each flat, helping players grip it claw-style and also allowing the surface areas to be larger.

When putting “claw” style, the golfer aims to let the shoulder control the putting stroke.

The putter face is supposed to come back to its natural spot without body movement.

Mickelson told Bleacher Report in 2013 why he changed to the claw grip.

“I’ll go back and forth because, again the claw grip, what it does is gets me in a better address position where I get rid of too much forward press. I want a little bit but not as much as I’ve been getting.”

What Length is Phil Mickelson’s Putter?

Phil Mickelson has used different lengths on his putters through the years.

In November 2018, when he won “The Match” against Tiger Woods in Las Vegas for $9 million, he was using a 34-inch Odyssey Stroke Lab Nine prototype putter.

In 2012, when he defeated Tiger at the AT&T Pro Am at Pebble Beach, Mickelson’s putter specs were different than recently. He used a 35-inch Odyssey White Hot XG blade putter.

The loft of the putter was 3.5 degrees and the lie was 74 degrees.

After that victory, that club was dubbed the “Tiger Slayer” putter.

In July 2012, he told Golf Digest he was using a 33-inch Odyssey White Hot XG prototype.

Therefore, the simple answer is that he changes his putter length depending on what he’s feeling comfortable with at the time.

How Much Would Phil Mickelson’s Putter Be Worth?

Mickelson’s Odyssey Stroke Lab Ten putter can be found for $300 on amazon.com and on a variety of different golf equipment websites.

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa #9 can be found online for between $200-$250 brand new.

Since the Odyssey White Hot XG is a prototype it will be much more difficult to find and purchase.

What Putter Did Phil Mickelson Use In First Masters Win?

Before signing his massive equipment deal with Callaway, Mickelson was using Titleist clubs.

In 2004, the 3-time Masters winner captured his first green jacket by sinking an 18-footer on the 18th green using a Titleist blade prototype made by Scotty Cameron. It was a toe-down style putter which means that when the putter is balanced the toe will naturally point down.


From the Odyssey prototype nicknamed the Tiger slayer, to the Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Ten, Mickelson has found ways to succeed on the greens since he turned professional in 1992.

The former Sun Devil continues to defy the odds and experiment with new equipment and new techniques. Whether it be attempting a 77-yard putt at Memorial, or using an extra long driver, the World Golf Hall of Famer can be described as nothing short of unique.

Be sure to comment what Odyssey putters you use or your favorite Mickelson memory in the comments section.

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