Where To Find The Serial Number On An E-Z-GO Golf Cart: Quick Tips!

When you purchase a golf cart, it is essential to know where the serial number is located.

Whether you want background information on a used golf cart or you need to provide the serial number for future maintenance, you need to know where it is located. 

When it comes to the E-Z-Go golf cart, each one has its serial number so that you can use it to search and locate parts using this information. 

EZ go golf cart serial number location

For the E-Z-Go golf cart, there are a few locations where your serial number can be found. On most of the carts, it is listed multiple times, just so you can access it easier. 

Driver’s Front Frame

Some E-Z-Go Golf carts have the serial number on the driver’s side, on the front of the frame. It will be located directly beneath the splash shield on that side so that you can easily access it. 

Passenger Side Frame

Others have the serial number located on the frame rail on your passenger side. You would go beneath the E-Z-Go golf cart and look to the right, finding the serial number easily placed. 

Steering Column Base

Most commonly the serial number can be found on the steering column base. It is easy to access and read in a hurry. 

Unfortunately, the serial number tends to wear off quicker than in other locations. This is due to weather exposure and excessive use since this location is upfront. 

Charging Receptacle

If you have an electric model E-Z-Go, the serial number is located just below the charging receptacle and is easily accessible.

Glove Box

When you look inside the glove box of your E-Z-Go golf cart,  you will see the serial number right inside. 

Access Panel

At the cross member of your E-Z-Go, just below the access panel, you can find the serial number. 

Tips For Keeping Up With Your Serial Number

Since the serial number is placed on a tag and not engraved on the golf cart, it is important to keep this information stored in a safe place in case you cannot find it later. 

  1. Write it down and keep the number stored with other important documents. 
  2. Take a picture of it with your phone and store it in your photo library. 

💡 Golfible Tip: Having it backed up in one or both of these areas can come in useful after your golf cart is several years old, and you need to lift it up to get to a less worn location. 

Can I Identify The Golf Cart Without a Serial Number?

You may not be able to identify the exact year the golf cart was made without a serial number. However, different features on your golf cart will indicate that your golf cart is in a certain year span. 

You need to check the seat types, headlights on your cart, and wheels to narrow down the years that your golf cart was most likely in production

Looking Up Your Serial Number

Once you have the serial number, you may be wondering what you need it for and when you will use it. Well, there will be a time when you need to search for parts or even some accessories that you would like. 

  • Locate a report on the golf cart
  • Plan for maintenance and parts needed
  • Search for accessories that are compatible with your golf cart. 

📋 Keep in mind: E-Z-Go golf cart serial numbers usually begin with two letters. When searching, you can either use the first two letters or remove them if you are having difficulties finding the right information. 

Is Your Golf Cart Missing?

If you believe your golf cart has gone missing or was stolen, you can report it to the appropriate authorities. When filing the report, you will need to provide the serial number of your golf cart. 

What happens later is that when the cart turns up, you will be able to retrieve your stolen property because they were able to match the golf cart to an owner. 

Looking To Purchase A Golf Cart?

If you are in the market for a used golf cart, and you are looking at an E-Z-Go brand, you can look at one of the three locations for a serial number. Once you have it, you can look up that golf cart by its serial number to determine its true age. 

The serial number will give the year it was made so that you can make sure you are paying a fair price for that golf cart if you are interested. 

But I Can’t Find a Serial Number?

If you are not able to locate a serial number right away, this may be because it has been removed. Sometimes when the golf cart reaches a certain age, owners may remove the serial number to keep potential buyers from determining how old the cart really is. 

If the golf cart is between the years of 1976 and 1993, the serial number is most likely tucked away beneath the glove box. If it is even older, then it is hidden beneath the fender skirt on the left side of the cart

Keep That Serial Number Available

As a golf cart owner, it is essential to have the serial number for your cart. It is not only a good practice for maintenance and accessories, but also if you plan to sell later. 

Serial numbers are meant to identify the carts as they change owners, so making sure you know what you purchased or plan to purchase is always more secure with a serial number available for that golf cart.


What Is The Golf Cart Serial Number?

Like a vehicle or anything else with a motor, a golf cart has a number that is unique to each cart. All makes and models of golf carts have a serial number available, you just need to know where to look. Keep in mind these golf cart serial numbers are also known as VIN (vehicle identification) numbers.

What Does The Golf Cart Serial Number Mean?

Whether it is parts or accessories, you can determine the EZGO golf cart year by serial number. This is because all the numbers have a purpose and not placed at random. 
If you are looking at the serial number, keep in mind that the first digit will represent the month of the year that the golf cart was made. The second digit will implicate the day of that month. 
The final two digits will indicate the year the golf cart came into production. These serial numbers can be either 4 digits or 6 digits depending on the month and day of production. 

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