Why Are Golf Bags So Expensive?

Why Are Golf Bags So Expensive?

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Golf clubs are pricey and packed with technology. A set of irons can easily cost over $1,000 and a driver sold as a single club can be $500.

 Golf bags can also be super expensive. It can be frustrating because all they “technically” do is hold and transport your clubs in a plastic tube that has a few pockets. This article will explain why golf bags are so expensive and the technology they actually do have.

Beneficial Features Of Expensive Golf Bags

Having a waterproof bag will cost more money but can save golfers cash in the long run by protecting their clubs and personal items. It is likely that you will play in the rain every now and then, so if your golf bag gets ruined by the water, it’s going to cost more to buy another bag.

If you find yourself asking ‘are waterproof golf bags worth it?’ The answer is a definite yes if protecting your clubs, valuables and having a long-lasting bag is important.

Some bags that aren’t fully waterproof have padded, water resistant valuables pockets to store expensive items such as your watch, phone, wallet and keys. You definitely don’t want those items becoming soaked.

Another beneficial feature found in higher-priced bags is 14-way cushioned dividers. These help keep each club in their own slot allowing it to be easy to grab a club and be extremely organized.

Not only does it help with organizational skills, but the dividers also prevent the club heads from clanking and getting dings and scratches on them.

Many expensive bags also provide more storage. This can include a pocket large enough for clothing and shoes, additional small pockets and even a cooler pocket where you can keep beverages and food cold and fresh.

Polyurethane leather (PU) is a common material that is used for making golf bags. Although it is not real leather, the material is extremely durable and can maintain its “brand new” look for a long period of time.

Brands Charge High To Recoup Marketing Costs

Golf companies that sell bags must charge higher prices depending on their marketing costs.

For example, a massive brand such as Titleist or Taylormade will have their products marketed on television commercials, on golf websites, on popular websites such as YouTube and in golf magazines. They even pay their athletes, such as Rory McIlroy, (Taylormade) to wear and play their product and be in commercials.

So a Taylormade staff or carry bag that is used by pros and heavily marketed is going to cost a pretty penny compared to a bag made from Powerbilt Golf.

The company’s goal is to profit at the end of the day so they will charge more for a higher marketed bag.

How Much Does A Good Golf Bag Cost?

Just because a golf bag is expensive doesn’t always mean it’s a good golf bag. There are cheaper golf bags that are great quality. For example, a Sun Mountain carry bag that is lightweight, made from good materials and highly rated will probably be more ideal than a Titleist staff bag used by a top tour pro if you’re a golfer who travels a lot.

The tour pro’s staff bag might appear more glamorous to own, but it won’t be easy to transport everywhere, much less walk with it for a full 18-holes.

Depending on the quality of the material, it might last a long time but that doesn’t mean it’s convenient.

Good golf bags can cost anywhere from $50-$400. There is no true price attached to what a good golf bag is though due to sales and discounts. Mint condition used bags are also a good route to go as well.

Cheaper Golf Bag Options

This Orlimar pencil bag is one of many quality cheaper brands of bags on Amazon. The bag is ultralight and easy to carry around a par 3 course or regular course if your focus is walking. There are other low price bags on Amazon for pencil and Sunday golf bags.

Orlimar Pitch And Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag

Most Expensive Golf Bag In The World

The most expensive bag on the planet is the Bentley Golf Cart bag. It is made from both soft ultra premium leather that is waterproof as well as technical fabric that is resistant to water. It features a diamond quilted pocket in the front and a valuables pocket lined with fur.

The bag has a cooler pocket to keep drinks and food at a low temperature and extra rubber zip linings for extra protection against rain.

The bag comes in all black and has a leather patch of the signature Bentley logo.

Bentley Golf Cart Bag Highland Hare/Black


Are expensive golf clubs worth it?

Expensive golf bags can certainly be worth buying, but it depends on what each player considers pricey. If they have a high budget, then they can buy a souped up bag with a ton of features and technology.

Bags with high ratings and great materials can be found for more reasonable prices as well. Even cheap pencil bags such as the one mentioned above can meet the needs of certain golfers. Be sure to comment on your experiences in the queries.

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