Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

Putting can take up to 41.3% of shots per round which can be extremely frustrating when chasing your lowest score.

Playing the putter best suited for your golf such as the Wilson Harmonized M1 blade-style putter with a large sweet spot can help you achieve your lowest score soonest.

Keep reading for our review of the performance, look, and sound of the Wilson Staff Harmonized M1 Putter. Furthermore, we will also look at the improvements of its predecessor and how it compares to the competition.

Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter


Editors Rating: 8.9 /10

What We Like

A contrasting horizontal white center line and two red lines frame the golf ball perfectly for alignment. The white center line lines up behind the center of the golf ball while the red lines serve as indicators that the golf ball must remain within the lines thus improving accuracy.

The thicker grip reduces the amount of wrist action during the putting stroke

A seam at the back of the grip increases consistency in the grip as you can feel that is in the correct position every time.

Although aimed at a wide market, beginners and high handicap golfers will benefit most from the aids built into the Wilson Harmonized M1 putter.

What We Don’t Like

Some edges are sharp and could damage other clubs in the bag when rattling while being carried

Key Summary

Wilson is renowned for providing quality sporting equipment for more than a century and the Harmonized M1 putter continues that legacy.

The combination of alignment aids, jumbo grip, accuracy, and forgiveness makes it ideal for beginners through mid-handicap golfers. No need to replace your putter every few months as you improve.

Product reviews on Amazon and Wilson’s website rate the putter as:

5 star66.20%
4 star 20.53%
3 star8.06%
2 star 1.88%
1 star3.33%

What Sets Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter Apart from Competitors

Sports lovers, including golfers, around the globe have been using Wilson sports equipment for over a century so this putter comes from a rich history.

After winning 61 major championships, there are still some professional golfers the likes of Gary Woodland, Kevin Tway, Padraig Harrington, Brendan Steele, and Kevin Streelman that play Wilson equipment.

Wilson Harmonized M1 putters provide a quality experience at an affordable price.

Key Decision-Making Factors to Consider and Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter Performance in Each Area

Product Features

Putter balance

The balance of the putter is extremely important in the selection process to provide you with the best opportunity to stroke the ball confidently and accurately.

To determine the balance properties of a putter you can either let the head hang over the edge of a flat surface or balance it on your fingers.

If the face stays flat pointing upwards, the putter is faced balanced.

If the toe end of the putter tilts towards the floor, the putter is toe balanced.


In contrast to balancing the face, counterbalance refers to the overall balance between the weight of the face and the weight of the grip or butt end.

So, how much weight should you use as a counterweight?

The most frequently used counterweights are 60g, 80g, and 100g weights. The higher the weight used to counterbalance the putter the better the performance. 80g and 100g counterweights are the most popular weights to achieve maximum performance on counterweight putters.

Benefits of counterweight putters?

Enhanced Distance Control (9.6/10)

Having a counterweight placed in the grip end of the putter enables you to have a smooth rhythm and aids you in creating a pendulum stroke. This rhythm and pendulum motion helps in consistent strokes thus helping you to control distance better.

Ease of Release (9.4/10)

Adding weight to the top end of the putter assists you in releasing the putter easier as the extra weight in the grip end slows the top end of the putter through impact for perfect balance and rhythm.

Accuracy (9.3/10)

Alignment lines such as the horizontal lines on the Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter make it easier for experienced golfers as well as beginners to align the ball correctly.

Furthermore, the alignment aids on the putter head can make the difference between missing the cup by an inch and holing the putt.

The contrasting colors of white on black combined with the two red lines that run parallel to the white marking enhance the visuals of the alignment aids and provide increased accuracy.

Forgiveness (9.1/10)

A heavier grip/butt end increases the clubhead’s MOI (moment of inertia) thus making it more stable and resisting twisting when the ball is struck off-center.

A higher MOI increases the accuracy in direction and distance on mishits.

The center of gravity depth of a putter will influence the spin rate of the ball and launch direction on a mishit.

Most putters are designed with a low center of gravity with most of their weight in the lower half of the putter head. To overcome this, designers add loft to the putter head assisting the ball to rise before it begins to roll.

However, this results in hopping and bouncing which can push the ball off-line.

By moving the center of gravity higher, and the weight of the putter to the upper half of the head, the force moves more horizontally thereby reducing the lift on the ball allowing the ball to get rolling forward sooner for a truer roll every time.

Feel (9/10)

The stainless-steel head contains multiple density areas in the micro-injection polymer face insert to provide a softer feel off the putter face and get the ball rolling smoothly.

A vertical seam grip allows your hands to blend softly onto the putter to improve the enhanced feel and touch.

Having a seam at the back of the grip allows you to place it precisely in your hands before stroking the ball into the cup.

📢 Need To Know: Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter comes with a jumbo grip to stabilize the wrists during the putting stroke for increased accuracy and feel.

Shaft material and length (9.0/10)

Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter comes standard with a stainless-steel shaft for increased stability and a modern look and feel.

A loft on a putter is extremely helpful to lift the ball slightly when putting off the fringe of the green and get the ball rolling smoothly when on the putting surface. A golf ball is never totally on top of the green, but it rather lies slightly down into the grass.

When a putter has too little loft, it will drive the golf ball into the green preventing it from rolling out smoothly and most likely ending up short of the cup.

Too much loft will get the ball ever so slightly airborne resulting in the ball hopping at impact and skidding before it starts rolling out.

📢 Need To Know: According to the Wilson website, the shaft comes standard at 34 inches and comes standard at a 1-degree loft. This makes it more useful for putts on the green rather than off the green.

Appearance (9.5/10)

No matter how accurate and forgiving a putter is, if it doesn’t suit your eye you will miss more puts than a similar putter that suits your eye.

The color combination of black and silver with white and red alignment aids will be pleasing to the eye for most golfers.

Comparison with the previous model

Although the M1 is one of the first putters in the Wilson Harmonized Putter series, Wilson is renowned for producing exceptional putters.

A prime example of this is the Wilson 8802 that many golfers praise on forums such as GOLFWRX.

Although it was originally designed for Arnold Palmer, it was rebranded as the 8802 it is still as popular as when Palmer left Wilson in 1963.

It was even a permanent fixture in Phil Mickelson’s bag for the better part of his career.

Best alternative products

Odyssey White Hot OG Seven Putter

Odyssey's White Hote OG #7 golf putter with Stroke Lab's Steel shaft on grass.

Editors Rating: 8.9 /10

What We Like

White Hot formulation inserts generate an excellent feel, sound, and performance

The plumber’s neck provides a solid stroke without impeding vision

Availability of multi-material candy apple red Stroke Lab shaft for enhanced counterbalance feel

PVD finish and surface milling create a premium look

What We Don’t Like

The compact head with toe hang is more suitable for highly experienced golfers.

Priced at the higher end of the spectrum makes it rather unaffordable for the average golfer.

Odyssey added a long flow neck hosel which creates 40 degrees of toe hang. The hosel is a little deceiving looking like a short offset hosel but it is very well balanced.

The hosel does not restrict the view of the ball and provides a clear view of the ball.

A combination of a rich silver PVD finish with fine milling on key surfaces provides a classic blade design with a glare-free finish. This assists you in the alignment process not having to compete with the glare bouncing off the putter’s head.

The milling on key surfaces appeals to the premium look of golfers who appreciate the look of a milled putter.

Strategically placed dashes on the putter are part of Odyssey’s innovative Eye-fit system to develop the best eye position at address.

The versatility of the Odyssey White Hot OG Seven putter is enhanced with changeable weights on the sole that allow you to adjust the putter weight depending on whether you are playing on fast or slower greens.

This allows you to keep a constant tempo while the putter weight provides the required adjustment.

📋 Keep in mind: Fast greens require a lighter head while slower greens require more weight to reach the cup.

TaylorMade Golf Spider X

white Taylormade Spider X golf putter with steel shaft on grass.

Editors Rating: 8.9 /10

What We Like

Redesigned weight ports provide a personalized feel

The new true path alignment system

Durable and stylish appearance

What We Don’t Like

The color combinations may not suit every golfer

TaylorMade researched putts within 12 feet of the hole. The results found that approximately two-thirds of putts make an impact toward the toe of the putter.

To overcome this TaylorMade engineers designed the Spider X putter changing the mass profile of the putter and introducing its True Path technology.

When applying these changes TaylorMade found that it improved the alignment of the ball and the putter face resulting in a higher rate of center strikes.

By placing a lighter insert in the central area of the sole, TaylorMade engineers could place more weight on the perimeter of the putter and decrease the size of the head on the Spider X.

The weight distribution to the perimeter and smaller head enhances the MOI of the putter which flexes less on mishits thus adding to forgiveness.

Improved feel and sound are generated from the 12 grooves set at a 45° angle in the surlyn insert.

📢 Need To Know: TaylorMade provides an option for golfers to change the weight of the putter through the use of either 2g aluminum or 6g steel weights.


The Wilson Harmonized range consists of more than just the M1 thus offering alternatives if the M1 does not suit your style perfectly.

Your experience with Wilson golf clubs, especially the Harmonized M1 putter would be highly appreciated in the comments section below.


Is Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter A Face Balanced Putter?

The Wilson Harmonized M1 putter is not a completely face-balanced putter. It has a slight toe hang, which means the toe of the putter head hangs down slightly when balanced on a finger. This design is better suited for golfers who have a slight arc in their putting stroke, rather than those who have a straight-back-straight-through stroke.

Who Can Benefit From The Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter?

The Wilson Harmonized M1 putter can benefit golfers who experience difficulties with alignment and consistency on the greens. Its design incorporates a milled face that enhances accuracy and a micro-injection polymer face insert to improve feel upon ball contact while reducing skidding and improving roll. Additionally, the putter’s alignment aid facilitates better alignment, resulting in more consistent and precise strokes.

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