Affinity Golf Clubs – What Happened To Them?

Golf is an extremely lucrative sport that has seen several new entrants such as Affinity golf trying to break into the market. You might recall hearing about Affinity Golf Clubs a decade or two back. Where are they now?

In this Affinity golf club review, we will look at this niche brand that was popular in the early 2010s.

The brand is not active at the moment, and we wanted to investigate Affinity Golf to determine whether they still produce and sell golf clubs.

Furthermore, we will look at some of their products and where you can purchase them.

Unfortunately, not all of the new entrants have succeeded and many of the brands have disappeared over time.

Who Manufactures Affinity Golf Clubs?

King Par Golf Corporation was started in 1998 and owned the Affinity Golf brand.

In addition to Affinity Golf, King Par Golf Corporation also owned brands such as Fortune, Intech, and Knight.

King Par Golf corporation set up its first superstore of 25,000-sq/ft in Flushing, Michigan. The store sold not only their in-house brands but also premium brands such as TaylorMade.

Not being satisfied with only selling golf equipment, King Par set up an exclusive driving range with more than 30 covered-and-heated tees and a Par 3 executive course.

📢 Need To Know: In addition to manufacturing and distributing their own brands, King Par Golf Corporation also developed private-label programs for retailers such as Wal-Mart and JJB Sports.

Do They Still Manufacture Affinity Golf Clubs?

Unfortunately, King Par Golf Corporation filed for bankruptcy in 2016 after experiencing financial difficulties.

At that stage, the five biggest creditors filed a petition were:

  • Callaway Golf: $96,807
  • Mizuno USA: $9,187
  • Cleveland Golf: $9,795
  • PING: $46,916
  • Taylor Made Golf: $130,068

This forced King Par Golf to abandon its lofty ideals and closed down all the brands under its umbrella.

No one purchased the company after bankruptcy and the brand ended.

📢 Need To Know: No new Affinity Golf equipment is produced at this stage. However, you can still purchase Affinity Golf clubs.

Where Can You Buy Used Affinity Golf Clubs?

Although there are no new Affinity Golf products available for purchase, you can purchase these products from third-party retailers or online at e-commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon.

Would Used Affinity Golf Clubs Be Any Good?

Affinity golf clubs whether used or new would be ideal for high handicap golfers as they are likely to score the same as they would using premium or expensive golf clubs.

You are likely to pick some Affinity clubs up at bargain prices on e-commerce sites and at retailers.

Some of the best sets produced by Affinity Golf include:

Affinity XRT Golf Clubs

Affinity XRT Midsize is available in 3-PW irons, 1,3, and 5 Woods ideal for golfers starting or high handicap golfers.

Affinity HT2 Golf Clubs

Affinity HT2 Iron Set consists of 5-9 irons and Sand Wedge with Graphite Lite Shafts.

Affinity Pro Series

Stainless steel design with a lightweight graphite shaft to produce superior trajectory and performance.

Affinity Crossfire Clubs

Affinity Crossfire sets include Driver, 3-Wood, 5-Wood, 9-iron, and Pitching Wedge.

What Is the Affinity Golf Clubs Website?

Unfortunately, Affinity Golf clubs are no longer produced, and their website is inactive.
King Par Golf Corporation’s domain seems to be available for sale.


Are old golf clubs worth it?

Yes, old golf clubs can be worth it, especially for beginners who are just starting and looking to save money. Used clubs can be found at reasonable prices and can still provide a good playing experience. However, it’s important to do some research and make sure the clubs are in good condition before making a purchase.

Where Can You Buy Affinity Golf Clubs?

Unfortunately, Affinity golf clubs have been discontinued and are no longer manufactured. However, you can still buy them from online retailers and e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

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