Reverse Slice Sequence Review

Many golfers struggle with the dreaded slice resulting in an inaccurate shot to the right that also loses considerable distance. Performance Golf Zone instructor Eric Cogorno has developed a system called the Reverse Slice Sequence to help golfers cure their misses from slices.

This reverse slice sequence review will take you through the system’s strong and weak points as well as aid you next time you head to the course for a round.

What Is The Reverse Slice Sequence?

The reverse slice sequence is a step-by-step process and system created by Cogorno to help golfers not hit “banana balls.”

It is a “15 shot technique” to get golfers to stop hitting slices. There are nine videos and over 60 minutes of teaching.

Cogorno gives a detailed explanation with various techniques from setup to finish on how to “reverse” your mishap of slicing the ball.

These kinds of mishits are common for high-handicap and beginner golfers.

A fade shot that also travels to the right, is slightly different from the slice because you are not losing massive amounts of yardage as you would compared to a slice.

📢 Need To Know: A slice is a golf shot where the ball dramatically flies from right to left or straight to right. The shot goes away from the target in most cases and the golfer loses a ton of distance on the ball.

Overview Of Reverse Slice Sequence Steps

Below is a video made by Cogorno on how to stop slicing the ball. It focuses on the steps. The steps he says are also listed underneath the video.

First, grip the club neutral to slightly strong when setting up. If your grip is overly weak you can’t fix the slice. For golfers who don’t slice the ball, it is okay for them to have a weak grip. But if you have a weak grip and slice it, you won’t be able to fix it. The hands need to be turned clockwise with the “V” pointing at the right shoulder.

Second, you need to be able to close the club face. Make sure the club face stays square and closed at two points. First at the takeaway. The face needs to be slightly down towards the ground or more drastically. Either works.

The logo of the glove should point down at ground. At follow through, you should also have the logo pointing down at the ground creating a shut face.

Third, your brain needs to see a different shot pattern. You want to see the ball going hard to the left at first. Your brain needs convincing that the results will be different.

An outside-in swing path is a mistake golfers make. You won’t fix the over the top until you fix closing the clubface. Making it go inside out is better.

He then says to try purposely hooking the ball with the face shut at the beginning and end of your swing. Hit as many shots as needed to the left.

Then try hitting it straight with a neutral path. Make a swing with a neutral path and don’t close the face as much.

Pros And Cons Of Reverse Slice Sequence


  • The system helps golfers fix the three different areas that Corgorno discusses. You won’t only fix the slice, but you will become able to learn how to hit draws and straighter shots more consistently. The tips also help with making better contact.
  • Cogorno explains things very clearly and allows the videos to be easily understood. There aren’t a million complicated tips to remember. He shows different changes and how to make them quickly and elaborates in simple details.
  • Many golfers have come out and said that the system has helped them rapidly fix their slice issues.
  • There is a money back guarantee for the full series, so if you’re not satisfied with the product you can at least get a refund.


  • The changes told to be made by Cogorno will be more difficult for golfers who have sliced the ball for years. These techniques might take a lot of practice to see notable changes. It will be easier for golfers who slice the ball every now and then, but not on every shot.
  • In the full series of videos there are a few that are longer than 10 minutes, so people who don’t like to sit through them might have trouble paying attention.
  • For golfers who don’t have a lot of time to go out to the range often or play, it might be harder and take more time to see results.

Who Is The Reverse Slice Sequence Suitable For?

The Reverse Slice Sequence is suitable for any level of golfer.

Lower-handicap and higher-handicap golfers both want simple advice and not too much information when making swing changes. This is exactly what Cogorno does when teaching in these videos.

Who Is The Reverse Slice Sequence Not Suitable For?

The system is not suited for golfers who don’t have a slice.

Low-handicap golfers that may have a slight fade or want to learn new lessons probably shouldn’t incorporate the system. It could cause confusion and pose problems.

What Are The Customer Reviews Like For Reverse Slice Sequence And The Company Performance Golf Zone?

The customer reviews were overwhelmingly positive regarding the reverse slice sequence as well as PGZ. Many golfers said in 15-20 minutes they had fixed their slice. Others said it took longer but definitely worked.

According to, 213 out of 215 golfers were sampled who took the reverse slice sequence and successfully cured their slice.

One reviewer said that when he signed up for the full series, PGZ signed him up for the Scratch Club membership after the free trial and began charging him $19 a month. The same reviewer also said the buying process took a long time due to having to sit through sales pitches.


The Reverse Slice Sequence focuses on three simple steps that helps golfers get rid of their pesky slice and leads them to lower scores. Cogorno does a great job of explaining the steps in his videos. Based on statistics the system has helped many golfers.

Be sure to share your comments on slicing the ball and if you have tried the system.


Is the reverse slice sequence any good?

Yes, the reverse slice sequence videos is very good and helpful for golfers. There widespread positive feedback from people have bought the video lessons. 

How long does it take to cure your slice with reverse slice sequence?

It depends on the golfer in terms of time to fix a slice with the reverse slice sequence. Different golfers have variations of skill sets and pick up things faster or slower. Many users did say they saw results within 20 minutes. Its up to the player themself whether or not to practice and ingrain the advice into their memory. 

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